These new 'loos -- couple of questions . . .

MizLizzieSeptember 1, 2013

Beginning my powder room revamp and I guess I will keep it simple and bling with my wall tile instead of my plumbing. So I'm looking for a classic 'loo with a matching 24"-ish pedestal sink. I like American Standard Town Square but it looks like they've recently changed the toilet design to hide the trap. (See link.) It seems ugly to me. Is it just that I'm not used to the look? And where, pray tell, is the shut off valve for such a contraption?


Here is a link that might be useful: Town Square Monolith

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Well, I can say for sure a skirted toilet is easier to clean! But check your measurements carefully, the specs allow for 2 shutoff placements, neither is standard from what understand. It's not usually hard to move, but will be more work.

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This is what the spec sheet states about the water supply line:
"IMPORTANT: Water supply on the wall is required at 3-3/4" or 9" from centerline of the toilet (see rough-in). First suggested position is hidden behind the toilet. The geometry of the toilet gives space for this installation. The second suggested position is next to the toilet. Between these two positions, the space for the supply between wall and toilet is limited to 3-1/4". In this case, check your supply and hose dimensions."

I thought the multiple images on the web page were helpful in getting a "feel" for the look of the toilet. It is different isn't it. I think skirted toilets and all in one toilets, at least for me, take a bit of getting used to.

Regarding skirting making it easier to clean, this toilet added complexity to that process with all the molding and ends and outs of the vertical parts :)

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Well, duh. Supply = Shutoff. Thank you both. I know that, but somehow missed it. Looks like you can get your hand in behind it if you need to. It would look better hidden, I guess.

Home Depot is showing some of the old style still in stock. The two piece units. They are pricing the tank separate from the body. I sure like the old look better.

What I REALLY want is a dual flush 1.1/1.6 gallon like the Kohler Highline, but it just looks so modern . . .

Thanks again.

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Have you gone to Terry Love's web site to look at recommendations? I think they have them there. Anyway good information over there on toilets.

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