Tiling Shower / Floor, Est Labor Costs?

lukkiirishSeptember 17, 2008

We've not been able to use our master bath since moving into our fixer upper two & half years ago and we're now starting to plan out this project.

One thing we are interested in doing is pulling out an old bath tub and using that space to build in a new, fully tiled walk in shower. The second part of the job will be to tile the floor plus one exterior wall of the shower. We plan on doing our own demolition and buy all the tile and supplies separately so our question is directed towards labor costs only. Realizing prices are regional and there are some variances, we're wondering if anyone can provide us with what the "average" and expected labor costs would be. We're in SE Michigan if that's any help.

Here are the dimensions of all the areas to be tiled:

- One exteror wall to the shower - 32 x 8 ft

- Install the water pan, build in the curb and tile the shower which will be 32 x 48. We'd like to include 1 niche, and a shelf or two.

- Tile the bathroom floor which is 11 x 8. Including tile under the vanity before it's installed.

Any input is appreciated, thanks so much!

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Is this ceramic or stone? Straight layout, diagonal, or other? Single color or pattern? Will the shower be Kerdi or standard?

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for your response. The tile is stone - all Slate.

In the shower: 10x10 cm. Single color with one stripe of mosaic in the upper portion of walls. And 2x2 cm on the shower floor.

On the floors: 30 cm tile installed straight.

On the one exterior wall - floor to ceiling 10 x 10 cm solid.

As far as Kerdi or standard, I had never hear of it before you posed the question, but a search of Kerdi shows me it's for the bed of the shower so obviously, I don't know enough about that to say. Can you please explain the differences?


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Including plumbing and carpentry, you can figure somewhere around 10- 12K. Just the tile work labor alone would be about 5K.

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Our tile needs were VERY similar to yours (no floor tile, and we went with a terrazzo pan vs a tiled one). And we did all demo etc and are doing many things DIY. And we too have a small (6 x 10.5ish)

We're in spendy area. For tile labor costs alone (shower and wainscot), Bill is right on with what we found. Though we did shop for bids and found a 2K *difference* -- larger tile operation with fancy showroom vs small, highly-recommended operations. We honestly thought about taking on the wainscot ourself but we are in a worn-out phase of life right now, so.

FYI, it took us a month to get on our tiler's schedule and that was pretty much the standard in our area for GOOD pros.

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Thanks house vixen, we're diyers too and after 2.5 yrs of diying, we're pooped and can totally relate to being in a worn out phase of life! I'll be starting to get bids next week so this gives me a great jumping point to work from. --lukki

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One (obvious, but we didn't do it til we had the 1st tiler out to bid) thing --

If you haven't already, make up a spec sheet so you can compare apples to apples with the bids.

We found some included cement board, tile-ready niches and assorted materials like that etc in the bid and others did not (?), so then we had to go back and ask them so we could better compare. That was a time-waster for all parties.

In your case there may be floor prep that needs doing, right? If you can rip out even a good-sized chunk of the old floor before you ask for bids that would be best.

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Omg, thanks to this thread I now know what a very huge deal' our contractor friend gave us for his work on the bathroom ~

He tore out & disposed the 4" deep mortar bed/tile floor, laid the new sub floor, laid the hex tile & grouted, set the shower pan, then installed the complicated shower plumbing. He finished the wall installation, tape/mudded, installed crown, ordered picked up installed and grouted the wall tile: shower, shower ceiling, around the room, and tiled in the window. He also provided and installed new door molding & met with the shower door guy to ensure a correct fit. This cost $6K which included $1K for wall tile and a few hundred in various materials.

I think we owe him...big time.

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Yep, ya do. And you didn't worry about his competence, which is priceless. [Trust me on that one!]

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Lauren-- I'd say you got it at a little less than half price.

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Gave him another $600 yesterday when he came by to pick up the last of his stuff (and while he was here he helped DH install the toilet, sink, and hang the little shelf over the toilet).

His competence is incredible. Knowing him for 30 years, we were able to hand him the house key with full trust while we were at work.

He really revitalized DH and I as pooped out diy'ers. I vow to get the hallway and front room finished!!

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