BainUltra Bells & Whistles Worth the Cost?

carterinmsSeptember 28, 2007

I am thinking about getting one of the BainUltra air tubs. I visited a showroom today, and came home with a nice brochure, prices for various 66" tubs, and more questions than answers! I would love to hear your opinions on the inverted V and heated headrest.

How well does the inverted V work for massaging your neck and spine? And does the heated headrest work like a heating pad would? This sounds like heaven for those days when my back and neck are hurting. If it works well, I don't mind the extra cost.

The salesman said that the chromotherapy option would add about $400 - ouch! I think I can live with candles!

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Oh how I wish I could answer this for you...REALLY! As my Bain Ultra (with Chromatherapy) sits out in the garage waiting for it's permanent place in the master bathroom, my sore, aching and cramping body would SO love to be letting all those bubbles gently massage the pain away (sigh).
Note to self: Next time I decide to scoot round the wood floors on my belly, with the shopvac hose over my shoulder (don't try to picture's not pretty :o), vacuuming 6 months of construction dust out of the crevices and then mopping the hardwood (2x) make darn sure the massage tub is up and ready for action :o OUCHIE! There's drugs in my future tonight! (LOL)
Which tub are you considering? We had an existing area to work in so my choices were limited. I went for the deepest and widest I could for the space...Thalassa 55

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I just ordered the Auyora...can't wait to have it installed (still 6 weeks out). I, too, am excited about the heated backrest and the chromotherapy. But mostly I am thrilled with the 78" length as I am 5'11" and would love to be able to stretch out in my tub and be completely under water! No more knees or feet sticking out!


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Monica, the problem is that I am considering ALL the models! We are probably going with a 66" length. Unfortunately, the showroom didn't have any in that length so I am having to guess that a 66"x36" will work well.

I like the Azur 55 for our low end option - it has the grab rails, but none of the other options. On the high end, there's the TMU 553 (33", no grab rails) or the Thermal Oval Plus (36", w/grab rails but no inverted V/heated headrest), or just go all out and get the Amma 6636 which has all the options, but costs $900 more than the Azur.

For now, I'll download all the specifications. We need to decide where to place the window, so all I need right now is the drain location. Hopefully it will be the same on all the models so that we can stay flexible and decide depending on how the rest of our build goes.

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I love my BainUltra. I have the Meridian Ellispe and I just love it. They've changed the design a bit since I bought mine but it is basically the same. I was limited as to space and I wanted an oval tub and this was perfect for me.

I do wish I was able to get the chromotherapy but at the time it was not available in the size tub I needed.

But you will love the BainUltra, I am in it at least 4 times a week and it is worth of penny of cost. We are just finishing up my bathroom and my air tub is not accessible and I miss it!!


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I have a 3 y.o. Meridian 60. Love the heated backrest and in retrospect the grab bars would have been great as well.

I personally would go insane from the chromatherapy. Could hardly bear to look at it in the store.

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We just ordered the Alma, without the chromatherapy. I agree with the previous poster, it would drive me nuts. I can't wait to take the first bath in it. I went to a spa that had one installed and paid $45.00 for the pleasure of a soak in one. (The BainUltra website lists place where you can go to use one.) It was wonderful.

Here is a link that might be useful: My House Building Blog

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Bells and whistles at Bain Ultra are not worth it! I have had nothing but problems with my Bain Ultra jet tub. My tub would turn on randomly throughout the night, so I would be in bed and hear air rushing from the tub in the middle of the night. Within a year of installation the lights on the keypad stopped functioning. Called their customer service department and they will not honor their warranty. Apparently their electronics and keypads are poorly constructed. The Bain employee I spoke to suggested I replace the tub altogether.

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Bumping this thread up...we are considering purchasing a Bain Ultra Meridian 55 with Geysair. After bringing husband to showroom, we are now considering extra features such as the chromatherapy and aromatherapy, which would add about $700. Does anyone have any recent experience? I may go back to the showroom and take another look...Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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The only place I've seen either where I thought it might be worthwhile was aromatherapy in a steam shower, but even there, you can accomplish the same thing without the built-in feature. I'd look at other ways to get your scents and colored lights. That's really what you're talking about, and you can get the effect in much cheaper ways that are easier and cheaper to repair, replace or remove. We bought a changing color LED bulb for our sons to try in our gameroom during a party -- I think it was around $10-15. The novelty wore off after a couple of uses. Your experience could be similar.

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