glass shower wall with bevelled tile

MrsDHSeptember 19, 2013

We are planning to have a glass shower wall (l-shape, no door) installed in our bathroom, which we hope to tile with bevelled subway tiles. These will run to the ceiling in the shower.

I would also like to have a dado/chair rail tile run around the whole room, including the shower area, with a colored pencil under it.

My husband is concerned about the area where the glass shower wall meets the wall. It would be possible to "interrupt" the chair rail and the pencil to leave room for the glass shower wall, but will the bevelled tile itself make it impossible to get a decent seal with the caulk (because you aren't dealing with a flat surface)?

We won't be doing the tiling work or shower installation ourselves, but I would like to understand what is possible while I still have time to rethink our approach.

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Here's hoping these pictures clarify my question.
1. a visualisation (different tile, different vanities, etc.) of the shower corner of the bathroom

2. what we see as the differece between the subway tile we want and a "flat" tile.

The surface at which the shower wall and the tile meet is more or less flush with the flat tile, but not with the subway tile. Can you still get a decent seal with caulking there or are we going to have water leaking into the rest of the bathroom?

It looks like there is a rail in that corner, but wouldn't you have essentially the same problem between the rail and the wall?


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the second image

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