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ourguysMay 14, 2014

Installed a Canon PIXMA MG 5520 printer. Now the corner of my desktop has a dozen icons for functions - can I get them into the quick menu icon? They take up the whole corner in a backwards L shape...

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LOL I have the same printer and recently updated the driver. Along with the update...I became the disgruntled owner of that "L" shaped icon...and drove me bonkers.

Right click on the icon when it appears and click on "quit". That will put it back into a subcategory under the Canon Utilities in the "All Programs" Win 7.1. You never need to bring it back to life if you wish to access it from that Utilities site.

You can add the "My Printer" from the same location to the desktop toolbar if you want something right up front. It's far less annoying...being one small icon.

HTH Glad I'm not the only one who finds that icon invasive. ;-)


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