Bath reveal - small contemporary master bath

newbie14September 23, 2013

Thank you GardenWeb for helping me plan my 5 x 10.5 master bath remodel. Hope this reveal helps you with your projects!
- Main Floor tile: 18x18 Daltile City View in Downtown Nite color
- Shower wall/floor tile: 12x24 Happy Floors Neostile in Ash color
- Glass accent tile: Epoch Color Blends Arena from Home Depot
- Tile trim: Schluter Jolly in anodized aluminum - nice clean finished look, no need for bullnose tile
- Granite: Giallo Ornamental Light
- Vanity: Merillat, Portrait with 5-Piece Front, Maple Kona finish (I do not recommend Merillat. The quality is poor - drawers misaligned, finish scratches easily, etc.)
- Sink/Shower Fixtures: Delta Cassidy
- Sconces: Murray Feiss, Newbury
- Recessed cabinet: Concealed Cabinet in Coffee Bean
- Vent Fan/Heater: Panasonic Whisper Warm FB-11VH2 - it's quiet and really keeps the steam out!
- Toilet: Kohler Cimarron comfort height round. We considered a Toto, but this Kohler works fine. A bit too tall for me (I'm 5'3") but DH (6') loves it.

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That looks nice!! We're going to be remodeling an only-slightly-larger bathroom (6 x 10) shortly and using the 12 x 24 in. tiles in the shower too. How wide is your shower? I like the tile layout.

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Very nice! We're about almost 1/3 done with our similarly sized BR -- hopes it turns out as nice as yours!

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Very clean and pretty. Well done. Enjoy!

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Very nice. I love all the finishes - they look great together. I especially like the large floor tiles on the diagonal. Really makes it look more roomy.

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Thanks everyone! Planning this job was stressful, but so worth it.

sjhockeyfan, the shower width was a topic of much debate. It is 33" wide based on the floor space, but the curb is 5" wide and the glass is set in the center, leaving a total "elbow room" width (wall to glass) of about 35.5". It is plenty spacious. The length is 5'.

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Very pretty bathroom. I like how you did your shower and the colors are great.. The tile on the floor is very nice on the diagonal. How wide is your vanity?

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We're only going to have 30" (also by 5' long). We don't really have a choice. We had hoped to move the toilet, which would have given us room to expand the shower, but we can't relocate the toilet stack, so that ended that!

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Great job! Funnily enough, exactly the same layout we are going with in our (almost exactly same sized) Master bath! I searched and searched, and didn't find many photos of vanities right next to the shower like yours. Most seemed to go, shower, toilet, vanity... We had thought of doing the pony wall like you did, but to save money (custom shower glass was going to be more expensive than the Costco glass we went with), we went with frameless sliders. Crossing fingers that it will work...haven't installed anything yet.

We have to have shower head on opposite end, as that is the only 'inside' wall, am hoping it won't be too awkward to have to step in and turn on shower...

Question about your Shulter trim (which we are planning to use too). Did you use it in the niche? Doesn't look like it. If not, what did you do?

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Karenseb, the vanity is 42" wide.

sjhockeyfan, the long length of the shower should help give you enough space. Also, if you are doing glass, you could consider setting the glass more towards the outside of the curb in order to get a few more inches of "elbow room."

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raehelen, the Schluter runs top to bottom on each end of the shower walls and the pony wall edges. You can see it on the shower close-up photo. The color we chose looks like a matte gray. Good luck with everything!

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I like the looks of the Schulter, very neat and clean. But what did you do in your niche? Did you just leave cut edges of your tile? Am planning that now...not sure whether or not to see if my tile comes in a bull-nose to finish off edges of niche. My niche will be above vanity height so not hidden like yours is.

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raehelen, my niche uses bullnose. My niche was 4" deep but the bullnose was only 3" deep, so you can see towards the back there is 1" of cut tile and a grout line. I don't love the grout line but it's not too bad. Schluter trim is a good option. Here's an example of that option in the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Schluter in niche

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love your new bathroom. thinking of using the same tile and so happy to see how beautiful it looks in your shower. Would you mind posting a closeup photo of the niche so I can see how the schluter trim works? Thanks.

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Very nice bathroom! I love the tile and thanks for getting me up to date on this Schluter edging! I wish I knew about it sooner! What size towel bar is that? Brand?

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Spottythecat, the towel bar is Pottery Barn 24" Mercer in chrome.

kelwit, I used bullnose in the niche and Schluter for the shower wall edges. If you use the same shower tile I did, then Schluter, bullnose, or even the factory cut sides of the tile are all decent options. I used the factory cut edge for my bench seat and it doesn't really look too different from the bullnose honestly, plus it allowed me to avoid extra grout lines. Here are some closeups of the Schluter trim, niche, and bench for comparison.

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Much thanks! love the Schluter trim. Looks so clean!

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It's lovely! Very nice color palatte. Thanks for sharing all the pics of you tiling, very helpful for those of us looking at our options!

I love your sconces. They look fantastic with the mirror and vanity.

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How do you like your Cassidy shower head? It has sort of a odd look with the smaller holes- does it work well and have good pressure?

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adh, the shower head works fine. I would say the pressure is on the lighter side, since I think it's only 2 gpm. But it's not light enough to really bother me (unlike the ones installed in my gym, which are way too weak). Luckily shower heads are relatively inexpensive to change if you prefer greater pressure. Or you could get one with variable spray settings. So far, this one is good enough for me.

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