treasure toot?

memahAugust 24, 2011

Has anyone ordered online from a company called Treasure Toot? Their website says they are in 3 states. They have a great price on a Gaggenau steam oven and convection oven, but I am not familiar with their name.

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I don't do online business with anyone on whose website I cannot find a physical address in 3 clicks.

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I just bought the steam and regular Gaggenau ovens over the weekend for $4000 from this ecommerce treasure toot business. I am nervous and dont know about this company. I hope it's legit! I won't know till the appliances arrive. Will keep you posted. Wish me luck! I don't have a lot of on line purchase experience.

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attofara - it took me awhile and finally found their physical address in Florida listed at the end of the Terms page. Not sure why they did not list it on the About Us page.
fl6000 - look forward to hearing how your purchase goes. I too hope they are legit.

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Interesting that memah joined GW on Aug 18, and fl6000 joined today, Aug 29, and both are touting an internet sales company.
Not saying anything is wrong... but it is interesting...

By the way it's my understanding, as I've been told in service meetings, that Gaggenau prohibits internet sales and will not warranty any product sold via internet sales.

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Sorry if I offended anyone by asking about Treasure Toot. I am doing a remodel of my kitchen, had never heard of a steam oven until reading about them on this forum. After reading some posts that people were able to find a steam oven combi for a good price I googled Gaggenau and Treasure Toot was one of the sites that came up. I was concerned about buying from them so decided to ask if anyone had experience with them.

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If anyone reads my post, I am NOT touting Treasure Toot I am very nervous about having paid over 4000 dollars with my credit card over the Internet to a company I have never bought from or heard of!

Exactly like memah, I am remodeling a kitchen, actually, rebuilding an entire house. I googled Gaggenau steam oven , and treasure toot as well as this site came up. I knew I wanted a steam combo oven from my own research. I was intrigued and I couldn't resist the price of over 50 per net off! But, now i am very nervous and have buyers remorse with my purchase. I even called my credit card company to ask what are my recourse if this company is not legit? I was really hoping site can help me. I was not expecting questions regarding my motivations to sign on to this site. Wow, thanks a lot!

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What did your CC company say?

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Just re- read my own post. Sorry I was a bit hot under the collar. I am a mom with young children. Rebuilding a 5000 sq ft house, nervous about everything, including my expensive Internet purchase from some company i can't find much info on. I need some reassurance!

Now, I am more worried from someone saying Gaggenau will not honor any products sold over the Internet with warranties. Geesh......

My credit card company told me that once I authorized the purchase, and I did, this company will have the money in their hand....I really really hope they are legit!

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Relax - if you paid by credit card you ARE protected. If the merchandise doesn't arrive or it's not what you expected, you can dispute the charge and it will be charged back to the company. You'll obviously have to do some paperwork to verify your claim.

It may be true that Gaggneau won't honor the warranty but if you're really saving 50% you'll have plenty of money to pay for repairs if necessary.

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curious and curiouser - I went to the treasure toot web page and at the bottom they say powered by amazon - which seems like a good sign. So I went to and did a search on gaggenau ovens and they have them discounted but being sold by a company called EliShop, just launched in Florida. Generally if you buy through amazon you have good protection but less so with a 3rd party in the amazon marketplace than from amazon directly.

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Thank you, Weissman. Your post is exactly what I am looking for to soothe my buyer's remorse. My credit card company told me pretty much the same. They also assured me that they are the professionals and have seen every scenario . So, not to worry unless there's reason to dispute. I will keep you all posted when I get the ovens.

I wish I had done more research. On another link on this site, I found someone talking about buying high end appliances on clearance from a
site called Sounds like it's a legitimate site as others have good experience buying from this site. Too bad I didn't
see that link earlier. memah, maybe that site may be helpful to you?

I only saw the treasure toot site on Sunday. There isn't much info or history on it.

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This morning I received from treasure toot the planning file for my kitchen designer, and an email confirming that the ovens have been shipped.

All good signs. Maybe treasure toot have been reading these posts, as it comes up linked to their site:)

Will let you know when I get the ovens.

On another note. Does anyone know where I can buy interior and front
entry doors at a good price? Please advice.

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I called Gaggenau USA 1-800-828-9165 to ask about the warranty issue. They told me most online purchases are not warranted, but would check about Treasure Toot. Later in the day they sent me an email to say that Treasure Toot is not an authorized dealer. So the 5 year warranty would not apply. I also asked them about showroom/display models - they said the warranty does apply, but not for cosmetic damage such as nicks/dents/wear and tear due to handling/use in the showroom.

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I emailed treauretoot asking about the gaggenau warranty since they claim they are authored dealer. so far, it has been a week and no reply. so i think their customer service is lacking and maybe their website is not truthful about being an authorized dealer....

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Hi fl6000

Can you let us know when your order arrives? I hope all goes well for you with this order and the rest of the many decisions you need to make. I too am building a big addition and have young kids -- all so overwhelming.


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Did you get your order? Was the appliance in good shape?


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Gentle nudge up in hopes that fl6000 will answer my questions. I would like to know if this on-line business (Treasure Toot)is worth considering. I have absolutely no connections to the company, I just like a bargain when it is not risky (who doesn't).


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So sorry with my busy life of house building and kids back to school, I have not kept my promise to check in with my treasure toot oven purchase. It came about 10 days ago by freight delivery. I was immediately alarmed because they were shrink wrapped in double plastic with only styrofoam corner protective legs, but not in boxes!

I think maybe treasure toot want to prevent buyer from reselling the
items? I don't know why the ovens didn't come in their boxes. But, the
plastic wrap had the gagganau tag/number ID, and to my untrained eye,
the ovens looked like it came straight from the factory, but they were taken
out of their boxes and wrapped in plastic instead. Or, maybe they never
had cardboard boxes?

I've been too busy to open up the plastic wrap to check on the condition
of the ovens until today. I am happy to report that the ovens looks brand new and unscratched. I can see the user manuals inside the ovens, but
decided not to unwrap further as I need to leave them out doors for a few
more days until we can get a dolly to move these heavy appliances
indoor. Good thing we've been having good weather!

We won't be installing the ovens for a few more months, so I can't know if
these ovens will be in good working condition. But from looking at them, I think they look fine.

Would I do this over again? I don't know. There really are pros and cons
to purchasing major appliances through the Internet. The price was
amazing, over half off. But, there are little or no recourse if the appliances
dont work. So, there lies the gamble!

I have to be fair to treasure toot and say that they - who ever they are-
were very responsive when I called and requested the file/ plan for my
builders. They emailed it within 2 days right after I made the purchase.

If they had only sent the ovens in their original boxes - and I assume there were original packing boxes, I think I would be
more comfortable that everything is indeed intact and complete from the manufacturer to my door step. But, of course , the ovens didn't come
directly from Gaggenau, so......

I took photos before I cut open the wraps to document the condition of
the delivered items. If you want, I can forward the photos via email. I just
don't know how to paste up load those photos from my iPad to this link. I
am not tech savvy at all :)

Hopefully, this helps, carol. Sorry you had to wait for this delayed


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fl6000 - if there's any possibility to install the ovens sooner rather than later I would encourage you to do so. If they don't work you have recourse with your credit card company but only for a limited time - it's either 30 or 60 days I think. In any case, I'm glad you apparently got what you ordered.

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I know you are right on with your advice, Weissman , but my kitchen will not be ready for installion for at least another 3 months. I will ask if my builder can come over and look them over. Hopefully , with a more experienced eye, he can tell a bit more than i can if everything is in place.

Like I said earlier to carol, it's a gamble to purchase outside of the norm of brick and mortar stores . But, if treasure toot wants to stay in business, I would think they want positive rather than negative reports from the on line e community. Especially when their site has a direct link to this link.
That's what I am hoping, anyway.

I am usually not a negative fearful thinker. But, with such big ticket item purchase, I am a bit more nervous and cautious.

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fl6000 glad your appliances arrived okay and appear to be in good condition.

After talking to Gaggenau about the warranty I decided against purchasing from Treasure Toot. A few years ago we bought a Samsung french door refigerator that died within 9 months - serviced 4 times in that 9 months. Samsung gave us a partial refund instead of replacing the refrigerator since we were at the tail end of the warranty period. Around the same time we bought a 47" Phillips flat screen TV that died within 6 months even after every board had been changed on separate service calls. Phillips replaced the TV and so far it is working fine. After those experiences warranties are important to me.

I asked the sales person at Standards of Excellence (authorized dealer) to try to find me an older style/model more in line with the style of our house within their chain and outlet store, but no luck with that so gave up the idea of a built in steam combi. The current style is too modern for our house.

The kitchen demolition is scheduled for this Monday and Tuesday. The master bath demolition was done last week. Hoping both will be finished in about 3 weeks.

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memah, have you considered the Thermador? I'd also like a reasonable Gag steam oven but the lack of warranty concerns me. As I understand it, the Thermador is made at the same factory as the gags, also has a convection combi bake but does not have variable steam, and is not plumbed. The plumbing was a problem for my layout so this one might work better, I've been quoted under $3k and it has a one year warranty. My delimma is what to put it over, the Thermador oven doesn't thrill me.

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fl6000 - although I don't usually recommend 3rd party warranties, there is a company called Square Trade that is highly recommended on amazon. I've never used them but I'm actually considering them now for a new piece of electronics I recently bought. They do cover ovens - a 3 year warranty on a $3000 oven costs about $219. Their warranty runs concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty so that if you have a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, they cover years 2 and 3. I don't know what they do on a new item that comes without a warranty but if you're interested you could call them and find out. fyi - I have no connection with this company whatsoever.

Here is a link that might be useful: Square Trade

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I was actually curious and checked out the terms and conditions and Square Trade says that will cover gray-market items where the manufacturer refuses to honor the warranty.

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Thanks for the update Frances. Glad to hear your oven arrived safely -- although strange that there was no box. Too bad you can't try it out at least partially to if it works. Thanks weissman for the info on third party warranty companies. I too may consider purchasing through treasure toot if I can get some warranty.


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Thank you, Weisdman for your good advices and the heads on square trade. I am feeling much much better knowing I can buy warranty through them.

Good luck Carol and Memah with your remodeling. Thankfully I am in my old house until the new house is ready. By looking at the demo- ed interior, I don't know how many families can stand the stresses of living through a major remodel while living in it!

The whole interior of our soon to be new house was demolished - it wasn't
our intention, but that's another nightmare story on another link, possibly the contractor from hell link :( so, we didn't have the option of living in a house while remodeling.

Because it's a total rebuild, we initially bought the entire kitchen from our local kitchen store. We ordered the 3 pc Thermadore oven set, I think it was over $5000, a 27" one piece build in with microwave convection combo oven, a convection oven and a warming drawer. I started to check on line on the feedback on Thermadore . It was mixed. When I surfed the Internet, that's when I found the treasure toot site.

I never considered gaggenau, probably because it wasnt in my budget. But when I saw the price, plus I really wanted a steam oven because I kept reading about all the cooking/ health benefits, I was tempted. I felt rushed to purchase, because I didn't want to pass up a great price. But, interestingly, that site still has the steam oven and the regular oven that I rushed to buy. I thought it would be gone quick with those prices!

With the ovens now securely delivered. I am looking at the other few items on the treasure toot site. I may buy the Franke sinks - $400 cheaper than my local kitchen store, and maybe even consider the Viking microwave, as I will need one. These items are much Less of a gamble than the two ovens I bought.

Previous to this experience, we've only bought a 60 in LCD tv from/ thru amazon years ago. The price was amazing, even cheaper than Costco by a few hundred dollars. We never thought about warranty, and luckily never had any problems.

The buying trend is changing the marketing landscape with the Internet and ecommerce. But, in my opinion, it's still the wild wild west without any sheriff to turn to if the outlaw needs policing. But, in these times of competitive pricing, and for those of us facing huge remodeling bills, it's very difficult to not want to take some risk if we can save many hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I am only too grateful for sites like these for us ; consumers, who can get and give support and assistance from each other. Perhaps, we are the sheriffs for now :)

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Oops, bad spelling and grammar when I reread my own post.

Weissman - not Weisdman , heads up - not heads. And that's just the first line!

Type A personality with a happy trigger finger that tends to hit send without proofreading . Not a good combo. :)

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Assuming that your demo'd house still has a roof and someplace inside to store the ovens, you might consider having your electrician run a temporary cable to the ovens for test purposes.


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Good idea. The ovens are in the garage of my old house, and not in the new house. I'll have to convince hubby to haul them out after he spend hours clearing space in the garage to store them. They are heavy and not easy to move around.

We are not storing them in the new house, because there's been lots of
thefts in our local construction sites even with locked gates - where entire kitchen and baths were ripped out and stolen! Sign of the time :(

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If this garage is anywhere near the breaker box, then even better. Test them in your garage. You need not engage in elaborate cooking to determine that the electronics work and the ovens heat.


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ditto kaseki.

connect them for a few minutes. After spending thousands of dollars, do it now not later.

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Incidentally, I purchased my gagg oven from premiumapplianceoutlet (the clearance arm for Standards of Excellence). The shipment was also just shrink wrapped. Let us see. I plan to test as well.


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I will definitely try when I can get hubby to pull them out of storage this weekend.

I didnt unwrap the ovens completely, as I want to protect them from scratches. I dont remember if i saw any power cord, but i did see a flexible plumbing tube in the back of the steam oven.

Good to know that someone else bought a gag oven from another
source, and it also arrived sans box.

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Nowadays, ovens and range tops typically come with a dangling section of flexible metallic conduit over three or four conductors. Your electrician just needs to put a suitable breaker into your breaker box and run a cable to the conduit. Code-wise, the connection should be performed in a box suitable for the purpose, but if the test is only going to take a few minutes before (positively) disconnecting the cable at the breaker box, flying leads connected by wire nuts could be sufficiently safe.

All of this requires someone who knows what he is doing, which means at a minimum being familiar with electrons, their potential hazards (sorry), and the relevant requirements of the NEC.


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When we pull out the ovens, and if they dont have simple plugs attached, then we are not equipped to test them. We are definitely not electrically inclined.

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You must bring in someone who knows how to use one of your 230V "breakers" in your electrical box to run some wire from there to the appliances. Then he removes it immediately, after the appliance test is over, before he leaves. Whoever will be installing them is a good person to contact.

There won't be plugs (these are not ranges) and even if there were, they wouldn't fit into any 230V outlet that you might have (e.g. dryer outlet).

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Thank you for your advice and test direction. I am going to ask my builder to get the electrician to do the test.

The ovens arrived in brand new condition and securely shrink wrapped, albeit without boxes. I expect that they should be fine.

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The ovens arrived in brand new condition and securely shrink wrapped, albeit without boxes. I expect that they should be fine, unless the story behind this transaction is not the ideal story. Now that I think about it, it makes sense that the shipment would be made to look as good as it did, if for any reason there was a story that is not as reassuring as the ideal story. Also, since I have no means to verify any story they might tell me, and since they have every imaginable incentive to tell me a nice story, I guess I should be a little more cautious so I take back what I just said about expecting that they should be fine. Wishful thinking is useless to me right now. Thank you for listening to me come to this conclusion.

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Ah! The sweet smell of sarcasm in the morning.

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I would be suspicious of an expensive brand oven arriving shrink wrapped without proper boxes.

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Hi memah. I bought a gaggenau combi steam oven about three weeks ago from an authorised dealer. Houseworks in dublin ireland. It WASN'T in a box. It had white styrofoam stuff around it and shrink wrapping. It had all the gaggenau stickers on the outside. It was sold to me new un opened and i never thought that there should be a box (why should there be?) i havent opend it yet. Will I post a pic of the wrapping to see if it looks like yours? And ive checked with gaggenau customer service and they confirmed my warranty etc.


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All my appliances from Lowes, whether it be GE or Whirlpool, or whatever, all were securely packaged within cardboard boxes surrounding the whole thing from the factory. The reason for the box? It helps prevent damage during shipping. I'm not saying an appliance without a box is inferior. However, I would be disturbed to have something arrive with shrink wrap and then find out it did not come from an authorized dealer.

That's me. If it doesn't bother anyone else, well, that's their take on things. This isn't a personal character judgement.

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FWIW - My gaggenau combi steam oven and convection oven were just purchased this summer from a local authorized dealer. They were both packaged in boxes.

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Hi Fl6000

Did you ever find out if your oven worked? I've wondered out how you made out with your online purchase. How are your renovations going?


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