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DA_MccoyMay 6, 2012

I don't subscribe to Facebook, but I know some of you here do. The cover story in the June issue of Consumer Reports is "Protect Your Privacy" >Biggest Online Threats & Traps> How to Stay Safe on Facebook".

Definite reading for all Internet users while mandatory for FB account holders.

They also rated what they called "Free Anti-Malware Programs". We refer to them as AVs.

1. Avira Overall score 62

2. AVG Overall score 58

3. Avast Overall score 57

4. MSE Overall score 56

Below is a tag to the on-line teaser article.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Reports

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Thanks, good info DA. Are the 50s and 60s good ratings? Or is it time to go to other AVs?

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Thank you for bringing the fact I omitted the scale to my attention. I did plan on reporting it, but for some reason omitted it.

The CR scale is a bar graph with identifying numeric score. The bar graphs show all of the above scores being in the good range with the Avira 62 being just short of very good.


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FWIW, I just installed the newest version of Avira (after prompting, since I had already been using it for two years or so) and during installation it said that Super Anti-spyware (which I had on my computer) was incompatible with Avira ! First time that's happened ! Oh, well, I still have MBAM. :-)

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