Excellent "See-thru" Lighting option for Vanity To

oldryderSeptember 25, 2013

I am a fabricator.

Just sharing info. It is possible to illuminate onyx vanity tops from underneath and have a "glowing" countertop.

This feature has been around a long time but it was always problematic when incandescent or flourescent lighting was used due to space, heat, and servicability issues.

In the last few years LED based lighting products have become available that allow lighting the underside of onxy vanity tops with no heat issues and projected lifetimes of 50,000 hours for the actual lights.

This is a beautiful effect and the LED based lighting products also allow using a dimmer.

We have also done this for bar tops and full height splash. It's not particualrly complicated or difficult but it does require coordination between the cabinet and granite guys and also judicious selection of the onyx or other material to insure you'll get enough light transmission.

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your post is timely. Not about onyx, but about the LED lighting. My DH has just asked me to look into using those paper thin LED strips when we reno the next BR. He's thinking around the tub surround somehow. I haven't begun the research. Have you seen or heard of anyone using the strip lighting this way?

I think we are just beginning to tap the potential of using LED's. Bet in 50 years they will be laughing at those flourescent curly cue bulbs!

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it can be used pretty much anywhere. for best results you need some space (at least an inch) between the underside of the stone and the light mat. The LED's are point sources so you need to allow the light from the LED array to diffuse to prevent bright spots showing thru the stone which detracts from the effect. A light diffuser sheet similar to what you see on interior flourescent tube fixtures can be placed over the LEDs to help even out the lighting.

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