How to Grout Beveled Travertine

carrie2September 24, 2012

I need some advice. I bought a 12" travertine for my bathroom floor. It is 3/8" high and has what looks like a 1/16th" bevel. I need to know what size grout line to use and also whether the grout should come up to the bottom of the bevel or to the top of the tile. Even with a 1/16" grout line, it seems if the grout comes to the top of the tile I'll automatically have a 3/16" grout line. Also what kind of grout should I use--sanded or unsanded? Hope someone can help me.

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Use a 1/16" grout joint. Those bevels are about 1/32" each, and you'll end up with what appears to be an 1/8" joint. You don't want the grout to be flat and flush to the top of the tile, but you DO want to fill in the bevel, with the joint sinking in JUST A HAIR in the middle once it's washed and finished. and yes, you still use unsanded grout.

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This will give you an idea of what it will look like. Bill's right on (as usual). My grout lines are 1/8" and were installed with 1/16" spacing and unsanded grout.

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Thank you both for the good advice. Beautiful bathroom, Kevin!

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KevinMP, that is such an unbelievably gorgeous bathroom. And it would go perfectly with my master bedroom. If only I could just plop it right in where my master bath is now! What size is that shower? Really stunning.

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Thanks. The shower is not huge: 36" x 60" footprint. I just finished the remodel this spring and, as you can tell from my other post, owe a debt of gratitude to these forums. I didn't do the tile myself but was very skeptical about my grout lines because of the bevel on my marble tile. My contractor (and Bill V without knowing it) reassured me. Although I thought they were too wide at first, I've grown to like them and the contrast caused by the gray grout. A lot of people use straight edge tile, and they really should know how the bevel affects the grout lines. But, like I said, I've grown to like it, and it saved me 40% on the tile costs (I was actually able to get my honed calacatta gold for less than $13 a square foot, which is a steal).

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