Interior Walls width/height

DanV1July 26, 2014

I hope this is the right forum to ask this.

In designing a house - in this case I'm using Sketchup - I'm trying to take not only the design into account but also the ratios of some things. In particular, the width of interior walls relative to height and materials
For example, the house I'm designing would be for the southwestern U.S. desert climate and with some examples I've seen concrete outer walls at 24 inches. With concrete walls that thick I'm thinking that the standard of 4-6 inches for interior walls goes right out the window. Then there is of course the roof load upon the interior walls.

So, using concrete, or even rammed earth, what would be an adequate width for interior walls at 16 feet high and an extra 2 feet for the roof assembly? I've read somewhere that there is a ratio of 1/10th to height and if that is so then the interior walls would be 1.6 to 1.8?



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I can't think of a reason the interior wall thickness would be influenced by the exterior walls or the roof structure. You need to consult a professional in the region.

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Our house is concrete. The outer walls are 16.5" thick. The interior walls are normal size using 2x4s and drywall. I never considered that they should be thicker because the exterior walls are thicker than normal.

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What is the purpose of such thick concrete?

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I have seen houses with high ceilings put in extra thick walls. They can look a little spindly when they are only a few inches thick and are 12'+ high.

However, it's only an issue where the end of a wall is visible, like the edge of a partition wall. If your wall wraps around a corner, or has door casings, the thinness of the walls isn't as apparent. And since thicker walls take up square footage, and cost more to build, you wouldn't want to do it where it wasn't really obvious.

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Renovator8 - If your question was directed to me, the outer walls are not all concrete, they are concrete, rigid insulation, stud walls and drywall. The reason behind the construction method is because it was built to be Passive House certified.

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Thank you all for your comments. :-)

Here's an example of a structure with 24 inch outer walls. Skip the intro, when the name appears click on it then Projects > Built > Desert City House. There are some interior shots but I don't see anything that could be considered a "standard" interior wall.

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