Looking for input on LG appliances

chessey24August 23, 2012

I'm leaning towards new LG appliances for my kitchen: fridge, electric range, dishwasher, microwave. Does anyone have experience with how well they work and/or how well they hold up. It appears from reading the reviews that people either love them or absolutely hate them. I've read that they had a bad reputation for service, especially on the dishwashers but most of the reviews were several years ago. Anyone have any experience with them?

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We have an LG fridge, now 10 months old. So far it has worked perfectly. It's quiet, keeps everything at the set temperature and organization is sensible.

We also have an LG HE washing machine, 10 months old. Also works perfectly. No complaints about anything so far.


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Well designed hardware, generally well made. Terrible customer service. Terrible treatment of their local contract repair companies. As for the company's extended warranties, you would have a much higher chance of a positive return on your investment if you spent the money instead in a state lottery.

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I had an LG which I thought was a Kenmore frid. and even though I really liked it, I finally got rid of it. The freezer would leak water during the defrost cycle and the hole where the drain is would get clogged and this caused the water to run down to the inside of the frig and it would freeze and eventually the water would run down to the bottom of the vegetable bins and freeze. At one point, I had a bowl in the inside of the frid catching the dripping water when I saw it. I would have the technician come out and they had to take the freezer out and unclog the drain hole. This fix would last for about a year and then it got to be it would last 6 mos. and then I finally set the heck with this after about 5 service calls, and bought a new Whirlpool, freezer on bottom. I love it!! However, I liked my old frid and it worked fine other than the water issue. I was told that LG is not a good product for refrigerators as they are not built as well as other makes. He also told me that his company no longer services them for that reason. Too many call backs on their service. Now, that's his opinion but I have heard that similar thing from other people too. The sad part is they look great! Reliability?? That's another thing.

They say that whirlpool is the leading brand and most reliable so not sure how you feel about their products but I love my frid and I've had it about a year now and can't complain at all:)

Good luck with your decision.

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I have recently purchased an LG fridge. Love it! Had the delivery people scratch the ice/beverage in door tray. Called customer service at LG and they sent me a new piece that I could easily change out, within the week. So no problems with customers service so far for me.

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Thanks everyone.

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