Is this valvet/trim placement normal?

southernstitcherSeptember 15, 2013

I am replacing the tub/shower surrounds, and the current style of fixtures are three knobs, right above the tub spout. We are replacing these with the newer one lever style in both bathrooms.
After tearing out the surround, the plumber came and installed the new valve in the guest bath. He placed the new valve down low close to the tub spout.
However, I thought it was odd. When you are keeping the tub/shower and not making it a walk in shower, is it normal for them to put it down low like that? I tend to see them higher up on the wall.

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If it is a single valve used for both the tub and the shower 33" on center is the maximum recommended, while if it is just a shower it is usually placed at 38"-48" on center, so it will be lower for a tub/shower combo, yes.

My current tub/shower control is 30" on center and the stall shower control is 48" on center.

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Thanks for replying. Okay, I understand it will be lower, but I was hoping it would be higher than 24" from the floor. Here is a photo. I see there is a wire running across there, which might be why he set it as he did.

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If it is still at that stage, it would be trivial for the plumber to move it higher. It is mostly up to the preference of the homeowner, although the wire is a minor issue. When I installed one recently the directions for my model said that there is a minimum recommended vertical distance from the valve to the spout and a maximum recommended vertical distance from the valve to the spout, but any distance between those two limits could be used. I forget the exact minimum and maximum distance for my particular valve, but yours likely specifies a different range of vertical distances anyway.

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Depending on the specs as mentioned above by bob, the valve could probably be moved above the wire and still fall within the recommendation of up 33" on center from the floor.

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Yesterday, one of the workers who was there looked at it and said that the plumber was just lazy and didn't ask - that the wire has nothing to do with it. He said they could have re-routed that without much problem if it was an issue.
I am accepting it as is, because of the fact that I think it's important to have one tub for bathing (adults with injuries, small children, etc) - and it'll be easier to have it low for that purpose.
My daughter uses it now, and showers - does not bathe, and will just have to lean over, though leaning over to use a one lever is a bit more awkward than using the knobs. But, she won't have to lean as far as with the knobs, as this is a bit higher than the knobs.

The one in the master I told the contractor MUST be higher up, period. If not, they better have a really good reason why not, and if the plumber comes in and does his own thing again, the contractor will have to pay for the re-do.
Thanks for all the input!

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