Should we go GE or KA?

NCnewbie2012August 29, 2012

We are building a home and are starting to consider kitchen appliances. We need to select a range, a range hood, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator. I realize this might be a "Coke vs. Pepsi" question, but I would appreciate general feedback on the merits of GE vs. Kitchen Aid.

The builder is proposing a GE package, but we can get whatever we want. I�ve had GE ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers in the past and have generally been pleased. I�ve never owned any KA large appliances (just hand mixer and stand mixer).

We have a $3500 allowance which can be applied to the range, range hood, and dishwasher (he does not include the fridge in the package). Will pick up a few bucks in our favor because we�re not going with an over-the-counter microwave which is part of the package(I�m too short, so we�re sticking with our countertop model). Would like to stay within the allowance but are willing to spend a bit more if something truly outstanding presents itself.

As you can tell from the allowance, we're not into high-end territory. Looks are a factor, but performance/reliability is more important. The last thing I want is for the repair tech to become part of the family. Any shared wisdom would be appreciated.

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GE for Range and Range Hood

KA for Dishwasher and Refrigerator.

Unless you are considering GE's new French Door fridge.

Class leading features but unknown reliability for new line.

If you go GE Range,Rangehood,FD fridge you might want to consider Bosch for dishwasher.

GE dishwashers are medicore at best,they come out with complet new line next year.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE's New French Door

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When our kitchen remodel was done about 6 years ago, we already had a 2 year old GE Profile range and over-the-range microwave, since both of those stopped working. So we kept both of those, and ended up buying a GE Profile dishwasher and KA counter depth side-by-side fridge, since it had the ice make bucket in the door. The GE Profile dishwasher had about 8 service calls over 16 months that we owned it, as the water intake would make a loud high-pitch sound and the rollers on the upper rack would jam-up. Because of all those issues, Lowes gave us a full refund in-store credit, which we used towards an Electrolux Wave Touch dishwasher. It had problems from day one, as the springs on the sides that connect to the door would rub against the wood cabinet. So it went back to Lowes and they refunded our credit card the full price. I then started to research dishwashers, and after some time, decided that I wanted to go with a Miele. It was about $1400 + tax, installation, and warranty, but has been reliable and trouble free in the 2 years that we've owned it.

I would suggest going with Miele for the dishwasher.

The new GE Profile French Door is nice, I've seen it on display at HomeDepot. There will be a counter depth model out later this year.

For the range, I'd suggest going with the GE Profile Induction. They make a Free Standing and Slide-in model, and I like the looks of the side-in unit more.

When the magnetron in our over the range Microwave went out two years ago, we replaced the unit with a newer GE model that is a combination microwave and convection oven, as it was only $80 more than the regular microwave. It's nice, as it can use the heating element with the convection fan + the microwave to cook foods faster. I would have went with the GE Advantium, but it was another $300, and was before the newer style units were out.

Our KA counter depth side by side is now 6 years old, and its had the physical ice maker with motor replaced 3 times. So I don't think I'll go with a KA fridge again. I'm waiting to see the GE french door counter depth when it comes out.

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There have been a lot of anecdotal stories about GE fridges (SxS) and microwaves crapping out after a couple years. I have their countertop convection microwave for a few months and now the door doesn't want to open without using two hands (one to push the button, the other to yank the door).

KA has had issues with their wall ovens. I have one of their DWs, about 7 years old. It does fine though every once in a while I have to disassemble the bottom to clean out the grinder screen. It gets blocked and then the pumping action drops resulting in top rack items not getting clean.

I happen to like Kobe for a hood, but there are others out there in their price range.

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I had a GE fridge that was nothing but problems. The drain for the auto defrost had a design defect (according to the repairman) that caused it to plug, then back up and pool water all over my (hardwood floor). Over and over, but unfortunately the first time was after warranty expired. I had probably 8 service calls before I finally junked it. GE did offer me some $$ off a new refer at some point but no longer made any model that would fit the space. I'll never buy a GE anything again.

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I didn't like my only experience (1 year) with a GE fridge. Lettuce froze. Other items were warm. Fridge and freezer temps fluctuated widely and randomly for no apparent reason. Produce drawers fell off their guides over and over. On the other hand, I've had very good luck throughout my life with KA fridges and have now in the new kitchen.

I would suggest D's list above.

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