How to clean marble floors - what PH Neutral cleaner?

sparklekittySeptember 1, 2010

I love my polished hex mosaic calcutta tile floors so much that I am afraid to clean them. I searched a bit and only came up with "clean with a ph neutral cleaner." Can someone forward a brand or other recommendations on how best to clean the marble tile?

I also have a honed limestone border - ideas for cleaning that?


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Hi Sparklekitty,
I was also terrified to clean mine, I have honed calacatta. I've been using 409 Stone Cleaner on my marble kitchen counter so I mixed some with warm water and cleaned the bathroom floor with it. I also cleaned tumbled limestone and slate with it. No issues to report. I tried it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure. I also saw a commercial this morning for Pledge Multi Purpose which said it's safe on marble. Maybe there's a floor cleaner version of it?

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I ordered Stone Soap Ultra from I've been using it on travertine for a couple of years and like how it cleans the floors. It is a concentrate that you mix with water and it has lasted forever. It says it is pH balanced and works on marble. You might read about it and see what you think.

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Try this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Mira-clean #1

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Thanks Bill - The link did not work, but I founds something from Miracle sealants -

Rookie & gam51 - I will check out those two as well.

So what did those use before there were all these specialized cleaners? Is there any "homespun" natural choice? I feel like I have a cleaning wardrobe (something different for every surface and wall) these days and long for some simple cleaner to do everything (or most everything.) Is it bad news to use typical all purpose cleaners (sprays like fantastic) and than wipe with water, or use liquid dish soap, or is there some eco stuff that is good? thanks

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Sorry about that!! I don't know what happened, but in the url you gave, that's the same stuff.

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I think I got the recipe I use from this web site five years ago when we completed our house. I use a homemade mixture of 1/2 Purified water (we have a reverse osmosis), 1/2 Isopropyl alcohol 90%, and a couple of drops of Dawn Dish soap. I mix it into a spray bottle, spray on, wipe off. Grungy areas I let it sit for a minute and scrub with a white scrubby sponge. I use it on my granite in the kitchen (Azul Bahia - kind of delicate and fussy), the Uba Tuba granite around the fireplace and hearth, and on the marble in my master bath floors, shower walls, and counters.

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Thanks, Jacqueline!

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