Dry v. Damp Bathroom Sconces

BzDc7September 10, 2013

Has anyone installed "dry" fixtures in their bathrooms and had any issues with the durability of the fixtures?

I already purchased a pair of Visual Comfort's "French Cuff" sconces (see massive picture below), but am starting to question my decision. (Note - these are UL-listed dry fixtures, but the installation would meet local electrical code because they would be located a sufficient distance from the bath/shower.) The sconces are in the polished nickel finish and have a white silk shade.

Has anyone had issues with silk shades holding up in a bathroom over time? Would polished nickel be a nightmare to maintain with a light fixture?

My bathroom is about 5' x 12', so there is some dampness in the bathroom during showers...but moisture doesn't accumulate on the mirror as low as these sconces would be. Even though the local code would permit these sconces, I'm wondering if I should try and find a damp fixture instead (which is easier said than done).

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I can't speak to much other than the polished nickel finish. We have Quoizel sconces in polished nickel that have held up well. They do have a glass shade and I'm hoping to get something a little softer for the new bathroom we are just starting to work on. This "French Cuff'" is lovely.

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