Moving from xp to windows 7

paulsmth2May 5, 2014

I have my checklist almost complete. I would post it if I thought it might be helpful to someone but really it is so simple that it doesn't compare to some of the techy stuff posted here. I do like solutions that are simple so I am using the usb drive for the most part. I do have remaining questions though...

1. Is avast and malware the same type of software. Do I need just one or both of them. If so, do you have a preferred download site for both of them. I did find the download site in one of the posts regarding malware.

2. I saw the Classic Shell post but there was not a lot of detail posted about it. If I am going to windows 7 would it be helpful. What major effects should I anticipate. Can you provide a preferred download link if you like this program.

3. Retirement is five years out with perhaps a two year post retirement requirement. In reading through the posts I got the impression that windows 7 would be fine for that duration. If I am not correct then let me know.

  1. I read through the post on routers. On my home computer I am using the router that I bought from AT&T when I installed their wireless system. For the new computer using windows 7 what kind of router would be best. I don't do anything fancy just straight business functions with just one user.

Anyway, thanks

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1. Avast is an anti virus program Malwarebytes is anti malware. Avast runs in real time meaning it checks on an ongoing basis. Malwarebytes runs when you decide to update and run it.

2. Bleepingcomputer Filehippo or Majorgeeks are all reliable sites to download from

Make sure you stay on the free links and when installing be certain to inspect each window carefully so as not to install third party things you do not need.

3. What has retirement got to do with anything? There are many of us here on this forum in our 70s and 80 and still going strong. Unless you are going fishing or golfing full time of course :~)

4. the current router should do you well. If you no longer have the CD that came with it simply visit the web site of the manufacturer.

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I don't find Win 7 all that different from XP. A few things have been moved around, networking between PCs has been changed (and the setup is harder not easier in my view but it's in the name of better security), but otherwise......if you're looking for big changes visible to the user, you may be disappointed.

I believe Classic Shell is for Win 8. Is that what you're getting?

Your router doesn't care what OS is connecting to it, so long as the PC is passing info using protocols the router expects to see. Which it will, that's not something to be concerned with.

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I always thought XP was my favorite OS until W 7 came out. With XP I often had to reboot to work with photos or convert music to MP3s. I never have to reboot W 7 because of low resources. It was a little frustrating to learn but googling answered every question I had about it. I missed the quick launch more than any of the changes, but found I could make a quick launch out of a folder and add it to the task bar with the "new toolbar" option. I did not like word as I had always had Works, it was the biggest adjustment I had but googling again solved the problem.

Classic Shell is for W 8 and I installed it on my laptop.

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Malwarebytes runs when you decide to update and run it.

Not entirely accurate. There are versions of in Malwarebytes Anti Malware Pro - v. I can personally attest does the following quite efficiently for a one time charge of $24.95 when I purchased it in 2011:

"What it does for you

Detects and protects against malware in real-time
Blocks hacking and phishing attempts
Schedules automatic scanning
Offers three flexible scanning modes

How it works for you

Malicious website blocking
Real-time protection
Heuristic detection
Integrated Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit
Hyper Scan mode
Scan/Database update scheduler
Integrated Malwarebytes Chameleon
Advanced malware removal
Antivirus compatibility"

I suggest you may wish to give it a look at:



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You may very well have a valid point Anne - except I did note to the OP to be sure and stay on the free links.

I don't wish to 'take a look', I like free programs and the free Malwarebytes is an excellent program.

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No need to pay for any Pro, versions for the average,. home user..Malewarebytes Free is execellent as well as AVG2014, which I prefer over Avast (your choice) and you do not need Shell Classic or Classic 8 which are both for W8 users, to make W8 look more like W7 with Start Menu and Desktop. And I have always used CNET for downloads with never a problem. Also if you worry about add ons with downloads then download Free unchecky it is great! takes care of unchecking for you, it's a quick simple download and works immediately. Link below

Here is a link that might be useful: unchecky

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Classic Shell is also for Windows 7. I have it installed on my W-7 computer so that the startup and program list can be made to look like XP if you so desire. There are several different layouts to choose from, so suit yourself. I have found it to be very helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Classic Shell

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Thank you grandms, I did not know that. I have used 7 since it came out would not want to change it now.

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Sorry Owbist. I wasn't trying to step on your toes. I didn't see the OPs request for a free protective program and I know that many users think that Malwarebytes has limitations. I was simply trying to point out that these days...they don't.

We all have our preferences...and for our own reasons. I wasn't trying to dissuade you from yours. Just trying to add a little more information to this thread.


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