After IE 11 get message "don't have permission to view this url"

TerrapotsMay 1, 2014

I IE 11 installed yesterday, now my computer is slower and I just got the message I didn't have permission to view a web site. I also notice when I click on a web site the screen stays white while the circle goes round and round. I am using win 7, on a dell laptop with core i7 whatever that means. I just did a scan last night with MBAM and SuperAntispyware, as well as MSE. Mostly found cookies and PUPs which I deleted. MSE did not find anything but it was the last to run. I'm using Yahoo as my default could that be my problem.

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First option would be to install another browser (you should have one anyway for just this reason even if you don't want to use it). Firefox...Chrome...Opera...Palemoon...anything would be better than relying on IE alone. If you can get to the site with another browser, then IE has the problem. If you can't, then it's time to look elsewhere. Yahoo is the default...what??? Email? Search engine???

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No, "anything" wouldn't be better than relying on IE alone. Firefox is a cesspool. It's slow, its got a ton of security holes, and nobody should be running it.

Chrome, IE, and Opera are the only mainstream web browsers for Windows that were written with security in mind. Firefox needs a rewrite at this point, it's been overdue for 3 or 4 years now.

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JoppaRich, this is the second post of this nature. Not suggesting you are wrong but a link to suitable site explaining these thoughts regarding poor browsers would be very helpful.

Written by a person who has had great satisfaction using Firefox, with Opera as a backup.

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There are sites available which support the FF condemnation as well as those that cheer its serviceability. As I shared with Thirdfrt on the other thread,

"Go ahead and use FF. The ratings are all about who you read, and what yardstick they use. It's like putting two lawyers in a telephone booth. They can't agree on whose going to dial."

This kind of reminds me of our member who on occasion strongly promotes Linux as the savior of the Internet. All in all it's just personal choice.


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The browser wars have involved a leapfrog scenario for features over the past 15 years or more. It's me-too, me-too. It's amusing to me that anyone could have a rabid opinion for or against any one of them when the choices are all essentially the same.

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Not sure if my problem with 11 is solved. I temporarily tried chrome and it seems to work better. I had been using Yahoo as my browser but I think all the news links were the basis of my problems. I have FF on my computer but haven't played with it enough to make it work for me. For now I'll just change around some and scan more often. Thanks for the discussions, I can appreciate there is no easy or correct answers. I keep trying things but all have their faults according to my limited knowledge.

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