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saw50st8September 25, 2013

Please help with our bathroom layout.

This is the only bathroom on the second level for all the bedrooms. It is used by 6 people (2 adults, 4 kids ages 3 months to 5 years).

We are adding in a laundry closet.

The bathroom is 5'9" by 11'6"

We have plenty of flexibility with plumbing lines.


Stacked Washer and Dryer (we have a full sized maytage epic thats only 6 years old that we plan to relocate) - access should be outside of the actual bathroom.

5' whirpool tub


As large a vanity as possible

Any other places to add storage

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Here is one layout we came up with

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Here is another

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With that many people sharing, I think you may be better off with a seperate tub/toilet area so another person can use the sink at the same time.

This might be an option, it allows a larger vanity by not needing a wet wall between the bath and laundry. Due to software limitations I can't get a door to show in front of the toilet, but there would be one there.

I know you wanted a seperate access to the laundry, but you would need at least a 30 inch door to be able to get the machines in/out, so depending on the walls that may significantly limit the size of the door to the bathroom.

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Saw50, have you checked if your floor can handle the the extra dynamics a front loader brings to your house? Your installation booklet might have that information. I am getting a new front loader and there are some special considerations if it is not going on a concrete slab. Mine is going on a wood joist system on the main floor of our old one story house.

Other thoughts with your first orange layout. The wall where you have the sink and tub, is that an outside wall? If so the plumbing for the tub looks like it would need to go into the outside wall, which usually is not suggested because of freeze potential.

Second orange plan does not show a spot for the toilet paper. It could go on the side of the vanity. I have a remodel that I did and I had to sacrifice good placement for the TP. I don't like it. But I new I had several potential and practical solutions. They aren't ideal but work. Mounting TP on the wall behind the toilet is awkward to manage, especially for the elderly and the young.

I have found the link helpful that I have provided, and no, I'm not connected with this site. I just has a TON of information on layouts, faucets, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: illustrated rules of good bathroom design

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Enduring, I will check on the vibrations stuff. Thank you!

Williamsem, I would rather keep it one room I think. Otherwise we waste more inches in wall space.

I didn't think about plumbing on the outside wall. I definitely don't want that!

I'm going to work on some other options and post.

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Enduring - I will have to check out that link
Williamsen - Looks like you are hiding over here..

Not sure if it could work - but is there any way to pull off a "jack and jill" bathroom for 6 people. Shared tub/shower with 2 toilets/sinks?

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I don't think there is room.

My husband wants to have the laundry closet in the bathroom to save an extra door.

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