New Miele DW Install Happening NOW!

covingtoncatAugust 3, 2013

Yay! So excited to be sending my current POS on its way to recycle heaven. I did specifically ask about the cold water hook up and he said they get that question a lot, but that it no longer is applicable to the new models with the china/crystal setting.

Hope that's not inaccurate. I pointedly asked, so if any issues down the road .........

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I'm afraid your sales weasel or installer is an ignoramus.

The manuals STILL state hookup to hot OR cold water and if you have the china setting AND your hot water heater is set to deliver 120 deg. + water - you are going to cook most fine china.

The cold water hookup is to ensure the incoming water is not TOO HOT for china and crystal. These machines will heat their own water. They WILL NOT chill incoming water that is too hot for a given program.

Cat - , I'm curious what your weasel told you has changed about the new generation that now allows hot water to be used with the China setting. Like EXACTLY what the unit does to cool the water to safe china temps - not some horse pucky weasel speak.

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I really don't know. I will have to check with my sales person. The installer said that Miele no longer recommends cold water hook up and that they no longer do it.

I'm going to follow up more on it Monday.

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