Direct TV & on demand

nelles_gwMay 22, 2012

I realize this may not be the correct forum, but thought I may get answers here. I also posted this to the "Electonics" forum.

I have Direct TV & 2 DVRs. I know that I should be able to "connect" to the internet so we can watch a whole slew of stuff from "on demand". The 2 DVR's are no where near the Comcast router, so how do I "connect"? Is it as simple as getting 2 router thingys & HDMI cables? I'd rather not have Direct TV come to the house to do the work, plus pay for Direct's equipment.

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I'm confused. Are you saying you have both Comcast (cable) and Direct TV (satellite)? Maybe I'm just behind the times?

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I don't know enough about DirecTV's on-demand service. Are on-demand programs coming through the satellite or through Internet?

If the latter, then the DirecTV boxes need to connect to your router. That would be either via WiFi or a physical connection via a Ethernet cable. No HDMI. In case you don't know a cable modem and a router are two different devices, although Comcast may offer a combination modem/router depending on the equipment you have. Routers typically have Ethernet ports on the back (they look a lot like a telephone jack but a just a bit bigger and wired completely differently).

Doesn't DirecTV have a customer support line or online support pages that offer direction?

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Thanks you for your replies.

grandms,Ii have Direct TV for TV & Comcast is our internet provider.

Mike, I'm guessing that the on-demand is through the internet, otherwise the need for connectivity (is that a word?). I have a modem & router from Comcast in a room nowhere near the 2 DVRs. I guess I need something for them that would receive the wireless signals from the modem/router.

Yes, Diect TV does have customer service. I just wanted to avoid dealing with it.

Thanks again.

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Can you do a wireless router for internet connection??? (I am really clueless, we have DSL and no available cable, but don't people with cable install wireless routers?

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Hmm I have time warner cable and their internet. We get all our on demand stuff right on the TV from the cable box on certain higher up channels. Are you saying that with direct TV they don't supply it that way? I am curious because my husband is always wanting to change and that would be a deal breaker for him as he is not a computer person. Mary

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have direct tv all the on demand shows are offered through the direct tv connection, and available immediately by selecting them with the remote from the on demand channels list. No need to have any connection to computers or routers.
If you wanted to go with one of the streaming video options they do require a connection to the Internet, usually by using a wireless router. You can check out netflix, this article explains how.

Here is a link that might be useful: Streaming video

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Ok I thought it should work the same as time warner for on demand, good to know. Mary

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