bathroom 99% done

oldhomeowner_2007September 9, 2011

I have been waiting for years to post on GardenWeb with a completed renovation. I want to thank all the contributors who helped with inspiration, advice and information. If I needed to look something up I googled it on GardenWeb first. I have yet to use the bathroom yet so cannot attest to how things function. This is a Master Bathroom in the Attic so it is a very odd space.

I have to say this Master Bathroom renovation was a big headache (although I planned carefully) and of course went over budget with many delays. It took over 2 months and approx. $25K.

Here are the details:

TILES: 6 X12 CARRARA VENATO HONED MARBLE TILE for the shower(from Builders Depot Direct - prompt customer service and response

Mosaics for shower floor are hex and square for the shower accent

FLOOR: Misingi Castelvetro Porcelain Floor Tiles in Kiboto color (purchased from Fuda tile in Ramsey - prices are good there)

VANITY: Custom made cabinet from Custom Woodcraft in Passaic NJ. Tony is awesome

and the price was good. Thanks to the GW post I found about him.

SINK FAUCETS: Grohe Faucets 33170 in Chrome

SINKS: Deca Fireclay sink (already has a chip in the corner - not sure who did it (contractor or fabricator for the countertop)


SHOWER: Hansgrohe Raindance S Showerpipe in Chrome, Bodysprays and trim are Hansgrohe as well


ACCESSORIES: Towel bar, toilet paper holder, cabinet knobs and mirror are all from Restoration Hardware. Large Hutton Mirror. Bar and holder are from the Modern Collection. Knob is Asbury (I think)

Paint: BM Wedding Veil for the walls and trim and BM Feather Gray for the accent

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Opps - I forgot the BEFORE pictures. Here they are.

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Its gorgeous! Thanks so much for posting this! The shower head looks perfect for my bathroom, too. And I was leaning toward ordering marble mosaics from builders depo, too. GLad to know you had a good experience. Please post again after you have used the space after a while and let us know how its going. Also, what do you think of that air conditioner above the door? Its a mini split, right? We are thinking of adding them to our house, since we have steam heat.

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What color grout did you use for the shower floor? I will hopefully be using the same hex.

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It's beautiful and I love that you didn't cover that exposed brick. I'm right there with you on the over-budget, behind-schedule masterbath reno... I hope mine comes out as beautiful as yours. Enjoy!

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@designnov - the grout color is a light gray called Silverado. The mini split ACs are quiet and work well. Our only complaint after having them for 5 years (put them in before the bathroom renovation) is that the condensation creates mold inside the units. We had to have them taken apart and cleaned. These units are not made to be serviced easily. We have them throughout the house since we couldn't install central air. You need to stay on top of cleaning the filters (clean them monthly or every other). Good luck with you renovation!

@treasuretheday - Thanks! I'm sure yours will be beautiful.

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gorgeous! I love all the materials you have chosen. the marble, the floor, everything is perfect!


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Wonderful!! - I hope my reno comes out as well - The before wasn't bad - but the after! Wow!

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I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So bright and airy with such unique details!

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What a beautiful bathroom!! Can you tell me what the stone is on the bench and the half wall?

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@dhuston - I used glassos for the bench and half wall and the countertop as well. I don't know a lot about the material, but took a chance on it because I wanted a natural looking white stone. It is supposed to look like Thassos marble but made of glass. Supposedly it is very durable without the maintenance of marble. I am happy with how it looks - can't say anything yet about how durable it is.

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Beautiful! Great job!

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Jean Bo

Very pretty space.

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Love your mix of materials. The marble looks like a really nice quality and their prices are great. I'm looking for a similar floor. Is that tile black or a black brown? There seems to be 3 finishes in that color. A regular, polished and metallic. Which one did you choose? I want to use their calacatta tile from BDD and need a dark wood look floor but with some brownish tones. Thanks!

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@blondelle - the floor is definitely a black brown. I didn't even realize they had 3 finishes, but mine is not shiny so it is the regular one. I have attached 2 pictures so you can try to see the tiles up close. My only complaint about the floor is that I was hoping the grout would be dark enough so as to hide the grout lines. I chose Negro which is black, but it seems a lot lighter. Hopefully it will darken in time like my contractor says, otherwise I'm sure it will darken as it gets dirty =S. We also have the heated floor underneath.

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Thank you so much for the photos. That's gorgeous tile. I like the grout with it where you can see the pattern of the tile. I can't believe that's actually black grout though. Is is Laticrete? I think it really works well with the tile whatever color it is.

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The grout used was TEC AccuColor in Negro.

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Stunning! I'd LOVE to use marble but I'm so worried about damaging it and the cost is a little out of my range too. Everything is very well put together. Enjoy!

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@sunnyann03 - the tile is from Builders Depot Direct

Here is a link that might be useful: Builders Depot Direct

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OMG, I had to come out of lurkdom for this one. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous! And I thank you a million times for posting it because your attic is exactly like mine and I have been searching all over for attic bathroom conversion ideas without having to do dormers. Everything from the materials to layout is just awesome. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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@mal22 - thank you! There are so few attic bathroom pictures online. It was really hard to imagine what the finished space would look like. I had 2 other contractors suggest dormers as well, but that drives up the cost to a minimum of 30K. I am short so the shower works out fine, but anyone that is really tall (6") probably wouldn't fit in the shower stall comfortably.

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Wow! Thats a perfect fusion of contemporary and classic design. I would say that bath would go in many different styles of homes. Beautiful job!

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