Bluestar Platinum now available in 36"

dorysAugust 13, 2014

In case anyone is wondering, I emailed Bluestar today and they told me they are taking orders for the 36" Platinum Series range and will start shipping at the end of the month.

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How does this compare to capital culinarian? I was strongly leaning towards Capital but this one looks great too!

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Two features decided me on the CC.

One was the rotisserie, which I really wanted and will use frequently.

Also, do Blue Star ranges offer self-clean ovens? I think they still do not.
Cleaning an oven is difficult for me and I do a lot of broiling (and plan on rotisserie-ing) which splatter grease about. Self cleaning was a priority to me. I am aware that Blue Star has some special features that make manual cleaning easier than it used to be.

There are several threads here about this. For many, it is not an issue.

Here is a link that might be useful: One thread about cleaning Blue Star ovens

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Not sure about the Platinum but I was comparing gas ranges a while back (ended up going with induction) and the build quality of the CC seemed much better than the RNB.

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I was all set on CC until I saw the Platinum has the interchangeable grill/griddle with a regular burner. This way you can have 6 burners should you need them.

The idea of the CC rotiserrie was very appealing but for my style of cooking, the interchangeable grill/griddle would get way more use.

I can't remember the last time I actually cleaned my oven so self cleaning won't be missed. :-O

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This is not a hit at BS...... but I do question the difference between a Grill / Griddle plate over two burners vs the interchangeable Grill / griddle plate that BS offers on the new Platinum Range.

Maybe buying a dedicated 6 burner would be less expensive and yet still achieve the same results the interchangeable would do.

Seems to me that the dedicated Grill or griddle on the RNB would work better for grilling or griddle cooking.

As I said this is not a hit at BS, so please don't read it that way.

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I understand the relative usefulness of a grill/griddle over a rotisserie! I just bought a Chef King griddle and have used it frequently on two burners of my new CC, but I have not yet used the rotisserie. I can't figure out a way to grill over the open burners :-) , but they work wonderfully on this very heavy 23" x 14" griddle.

An open burner grill would be a delight, I must admit. I think I could have had one with a 36" CC (and a griddle to use over it), but it would have been a dedicated area, not convertible to regular burners.

Let us know what you decide and how well it works for you.

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hey trevlor. i think the interchangeable grill/gridder would be better than a dedicated unit, as least as it relates to the grill.

the dedicated BS grill is only 15K BTU. that's not particularly high for grilling. my friend has a 6 burner model with the grill and kinda regrets getting it. he says, and i can verify as i've also grilled on his range, that it doesn't give you the good, hot sear on a steak you'd get with a more powerful (or outdoor) grill.

the interchangeable grill, i think (although have no personal experience with), should work better, since it could straddle two 25K burners, giving you 50k btu's to grill on. that's hotter than even the msot powerful outdoor least in theory. in practice, we'll have to wait for others who have the platinum to chime in on their experiences.

as to the griddle, which on the BS is also 15K, the dedicated unit should be fine. and there are many forum members who are thrilled with their griddle performance. you don't really need or want anything hotter than that for griddling, as things will burn too fast. if you used the interchangealbe item for griddling, even over the 2 25K burners, you could always just turn the heat down to achieve a nice even flame similar to what you'd get with the dedicated 15K model.

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Unfortunately, I won't be buying anything soon... I am several years from any kitchen remodel. :-(

I'm definitely interested in this interchangeable grill/griddle with regular burners so I'll be watching for reviews.

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I wonder if the Blue Star grill/griddle can be used on a Capital. I would LOVE a way to get direct burner heat on meat (no griddle in between, just a grill) with the Capital range top.

I did just read that the grill/griddle will work with at least some of the older BlueStars. Just remove two grates and set it in! Oh, I hope this works with the Capital.

Somewhere I saw a third party device that made this work.

Don't know how much the same burner heights and such may be in the two makes. Anybody know?

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Well... I took a look at the Blue Star RNB range yesterday. I tell you I wasn't impressed with the fit/finish of this unit. It is quite utilitarian looking. I haven't seen a Culinarian in person yet but at least on digital film, the Culinarian seems so much prettier.

I wonder if we can ask Capital Cooking to looking to also providing the interchangeable grill/griddle with regular burners to keep up with the competition??

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Trevor Lawson would probably know if this is being considered. It would be nice, wouldn't it!

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Yes, I think the CC with an interchangeable grill/griddle, rotisserie and self cleaning would be perfection. :-)

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Bellsmom... I don't think Capital would consider the interchangeable option. So far as I know they will stick to the dedicated units that offer the same as BS's RNB.

I understand they are of the opinion Interchangeable units create hot spots due to burner head locations / heat sauce.

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Do you think there is a chance that the BlueStar grill could be used on a Capital? Without damage to the Capital, of course? Might be interesting to try one. Depending on the $$ of course.

I think mine is pretty nearly perfect right now! But for some things a stovetop grill would be fun! The griddle I pretty well have with the Chef King. Love it.

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I may have to get one of those Chef Kings for my measly GE gas range.

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I think it would work fine. I never turn my burners on high for it. Medium to heat it up, then medium to sometimes low as I sear or grill.
Tonight I called DH in to look out the door onto the deck where the exhaust was blowing as I seared four pounds of cubed pork about one pound at a time before putting it into a slow cooker. The griddle was on medium to slightly below. I had about one pound of cubed pork on it. The cubes were searing in about 30 seconds to a minute a side. The smoke rolled out of the house, visibly across the deck outside, and still visibly fell down below the deck and the walk out level below to roll across the park beyond.

Be sure you have a good exhaust. I think you will have plenty of heat for almost anything. And I think you will love it.

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My husband and I are planning our complete kitchen remodel right now. We've decided on a BS 36" Platinum (in Jet Black) after seeing a 48" all stainless in a local showroom and playing with it. We liked everythng about it and thought it would suit our needs better than other brands we had seen. (We have not seen a CC, however, so I cannot compare.)

My husband is the main cook and he loves the open burner styling. It was the interchangeable grill/griddle/burner that sold the Platinum line to me.

I emailed BS last week asking for specs on the 36" Platinum to give to my GC. I got them yesterday. We should be placing our order within the next two weeks. BS said they were running about 4 weeks out plus shipping time. Having the front painted will likely increase the time until delivery by 1-2 weeks but it's worth it IMHO to get the look we're going for.

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