Nothing would open

JoAnn_FlaMay 2, 2013

This morning anything I tried to go to wouldn't open. My folders, shortcuts anything on my desktop, I couldn't go anywhere. I shut down several times and nothing helped. Finally the last time I shut down things opened again. Any idea of what might be wrong?

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I have more questions than answers but maybe it can help narrow the problem.

What browser do you use? If IE, please state version.

Have you changed your mouse or any of its properties? Open mouse properties and double click on the folder to ensure it opens.

Did you make any other hardware or software changes before this happened?

Have you run a virus scan? What shield and/or scanner do you use?

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I use firefox mostly, even IE wouldn't work. No changes have been made. I use AVG and just defraged & scanned. No changes at all I that I can think of. Its working today.

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Try clicking the Microsoft button in the lower left corner of the keyboard then use the up arrow key to highlight any program. Hit Enter to see if it runs. If so John might be on the right track with the mouse.

We are assuming the computer loads Windows normally and completely?

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