LG LWS308 Wall Oven Review

dyanettiAugust 16, 2012

This is a brief review of our LG Wall Oven. We have owned this unit for two years, and it has performed flawlessly.

A couple points to mention - the salesmen remarked that the LG had one of the fastest heat-up times of all of the wall ovens. This appears to be true. However, as measured with a remote thermometer, the oven indicates that the temperature has been reached (both with its read-out and with a chime), but the thermocouple indicates that the temperature is nearly reached, and then the oven will drift up to the final temperature in the next 5-10 minutes. It appears that it is programmed to "get close enough" for most of us, and then to hone in on a final temperature in the next few minutes. I performed this check a few months ago, and I recollect that the indicated temperature on the oven and the thermocouple were out only by a few degrees (The temperature control (swing about the set-point, or hysteresis) is very good.

One minor complaint about temperature control, if the oven is operating at a high temperature and you need to change the setpoint to a lower temperature, when the new (lower) setpoint is entered, the oven temperature indication drops to the new setpoint immediately - it doesn't show the gradual temperature decrease as the heat decays.

One comment about the indication - the clock is highly visible when the oven is not in operation. When the oven is in operation, the clock indication changes to a small font on the top RH corner of the LCD display, and is no longer visible from across the room, while the oven temperature and the set temperature are prominently displayed. Similarly, the timer is only displayed in a small font at the top of the display, and you need to walk within a few feet of the display to see the remaining time.

The LCD display has a large cartoon beside the cook setting, and some of this space would be better utilized by indicating the timer indication and the clock in larger font.

The oven's audible chimes are jingles - short songs are played when the preset temperature is reached, or when the timer is up. This was at first charming/amusing, but then became annoying, and now we don't notice it. One of the jingles is about 8 seconds long. There are many features (a recipe bank) in the display of this machine, and it would be nice if LG provided optional 'ordinary' chimes. The only option available is to turn the alarms off altogether.

Niggling criticisms listed above aside, we are very happy with this machine. Its operation has been flawless, the racks work well (two regular, one ball-bearing slider), it has great capacity, and the controls and displays make the adjacent Kitchen Aid microwave look dated.

As shown in the photo, it is installed below the Kitchen Aid KBHS109SS Microwave. We chose this Microwave for the convection oven feature, the fold-down door, and the steam cooking (which we have never used) and we received many compliments about how these two units paired up, in spite of the fact that they are from different manufacturers.

(I did not want a K-A pair, as I heard very negative reviews about kitchen aid built-ins, and I did not like the integrated look & controls of the K-A pair. I thought that I would split the risk by using a second manufacturer for the oven. Furthermore, the K-A microwave is 220V, and since it is on its own circuit, it may be less subject to damage due to brown-outs or low voltage, as opposed to buying the integrated K-A duel oven... maybe.)

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

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Thank you for your review, dyanettie. I read quite a bit ago that LG Wall ovens were increasing in sales.

Would you share the LG model number, if convection or not, any persistent front door fan noise for cooling and if it's loud or bothersome, hotness of oven door during use, evenness in baking front to back and side to side, and where the LG vents (is it at the bottom)? Goodness, hope this isn't too long a list; just answer what you choose of course. No worries.

Your Kitchen-Aid convection MW pairs up very nice indeed with the LG. How do you find its function in general, and what model number is it? What are its limitations?

Thank you for taking the time to talk about the LG wall oven. LG washing machines certainly are well thought of and I was surprised to read several months ago there were a lot of LG wall oven sales (can't recall where I picked that up) so I am pleased to see your post.

Very nice kitchen from the peak I see.

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In brief, responses to the above...
- The model number is in the title - I added a URL for this unit below
- yes, convection (I don't think that there are any wall ovens in this price range that aren't convection.)
- there is a cool down cycle, but it is not bothersome at all
- bottom vent (although I had to check - never noticed before)
- no ambient heat issues
- no issues with uneven cooking - of course if using convection the back will heat faster, as expected

- K-A model number is in my original message
- it functions well, but is no bigger than a 24" unit wrt interior space

Here is a link that might be useful: LG website

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Hey thanks for the responses. Don't know how I missed those numbers. I looked on the LG website. Really sharp wall oven. Thanks.

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I have (I believe) the exact same wall oven; this is my second one and I am about to get the third. The first one was defective--it happens sometimes and while it took a while, I was able to get a replacement from LG. The one I have has been in my kitchen since October of '09. However, about a month ago, my racks started falling off the guides. Everyone thought I was hallucinating but fall they did. They are now about 1/4" too narrow for the cavity of the oven. I called LG, they told me which repair service to call and they came Thursday. It is not my imagination, the racks no longer fit--the culprit? The self clean cycle. Who knew? I mean it is an integral part of the oven, right? Well, that is what caused it--LG is not the only manufacturer to have this problem, if you google the problem, you will see others who have had the same thing. So now am waiting to see if LG will make it right and replace the oven at no charge. I am already into it for a service call fee which I paid. But even though it is out of warranty, it does seem as though this is something that is their fault, not mine. Wish me luck and think twice before turning on that self clean feature cause if it happened to me, it could happen to you. I would guess that I have used it 3-4 times a year each year and it was only after the last time I used it that the problem occurred.

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