2-panel or 6-panel door, smooth surface or woodgrain texture?

janesylviaSeptember 24, 2012

Does this 2-panel door look nice or the 6-panel one? All other doors would be changed too.

Also, does the smooth surface look better than the woodgrain textured one?

2-panel door

The style of house and furniture is contemporary.

Thank you very much.

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I would say that the door you linked to would be country styled. Woodgrain would look more rustic to me than a smooth surface. Have you done a search on Houzz.com to look at doors in contemporary settings?

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Enduring, thank you very much. I checked Houzz.com, and could only see very few doors in the pictures. How about the 2-panel arched-top door compared to the 6-panel door shown in the following link? I would have all the doors changed including the door between garage and house. Thanks.


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Hi, I just think with the arched door it reads more old fashioned. Especially with the routed detail of the panels. I would think any panel number would be appropriate, just what ever number you like. When I think contemporary I think cleaner edges of the stiles and rails, without the rounded edges. I think there are examples of very clean doors on the link I provided. I like the first door for instance. There are also doors shown that I wouldn't think of as contemporary, but I am not a designer. You could post over in the decoration forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: houzz link contemporary interior doors.

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I would suggest a one panel door - shaker style. It looks very contemporary. No wood grain. The link you gave doesn't seem to have single panel doors.

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Another consideration is whether the doors will be brushed or sprayed.
Brush marks seem to disappear on a woodgrain surface, whereas they are difficult to eliminate on a smooth surface....unless they are sprayed.

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