Gaggenau 400 Series Ovens

stlblufanAugust 26, 2013

I have read that Gaggenau has released / is releasing a new line of ovens (including a new combi). It's the 400 series. I am interested in getting the new combi (BS 485) and the new oven (BO 481), but they do not seem to be available in the United States. has them and will ship them, but they are the 220v versions, which I think is fine, but does anyone know if the warranty would be valid in the United States? I spoke to Fesal, who indicated that they did not know. Not sure who else to ask. Alternatively, if anyone has info regarding availability in the United States, please let me know. Thanks!

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Gaggenau has stated for several years that if you do not purchase from your local authorized dealer the warranty is void.

Buying from Australia is definitely not you local authorized dealer.

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US -market ovens run on 220v too. (but 60Hz rather than 50)

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Thanks both. Good to know. Guess I'll hope they release these in the U.S. soon.

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The full details on the new ovens are up on Gaggenau's British site ( Wonder how the "handleless door / automatic door opening" works. Like the new displays - the old ones looked like they came from a '90s digital watch; the new ones look more like an iPhone screen. Glide-out racks still an extra-cost accessory on the 24"/60cm ovens and unavailable for the 30"w, bah.

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