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ten3_2texMay 24, 2012

I am back again with my problems. This place is the BEST. I have 2 problems, but I will ask one at a time. I have the W D my passport. When I first bought it a while back, I saved all that I needed to from my computer. I understand that the second time it's plugged in, it auto saves what has NOT been already. Mine does nothing. How do I get it to auto save? I can send to passport items one at a time manually. I don't want to do it that way, I am sure I will miss

something. Suppose that is the only way it can be done, how can I send it to a separate place or folder? I have sent 3 files manually and it mixes with the old stuff and it would be like looking through a maze if I ever needed to go in there to retrieve something....................when this one is solved I will ask about the other problem.........Thanks in advance

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It sounds like you want to set up incremental backup, did you get any directions with the drive for the type of backup program is included with it?

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Hi Raven, I don't know what incremental backup is. What I want is to secure my pictures, descriptions that I have, prepared for listing on a selling website. It scares me that if this box was to crash I am going to lose very important stuff, especially because of the other problem that I am also having...........AND no, I don't remember instructions.
I will look for some. HHH

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If your W D My Passport came with the W D SmartWare this video should help.

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Thanks, Bob, I couldn't find any of what the video shows in my W D SmartWare. What I did was just stick all that I wanted into one envelope and sent it to the passport. That at least keeps them together and it beats sending them one at a time and then get them spread out........Whether it's the right way to do, I don't know. Maybe I will find what I am looking for like I did for my #2 problem. Just by reading here I found how to fix it...Like I said before, this place is the BEST, Thanks again, HHH

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Speaking of backups... recently playing around...
Have 8gb ram so I used a freeware, RamDisk, a very small program, to make a RamDrive = 770mb for RediBoost & balance for Browser cache & windows low disk space avoidance.

Anyhow while searching web for how people use ram disks trying to figure out what I was doing wrong .. initially my startup & shutdown times went up ... I came across a regedit setting on increasing hard disk cache.. for win 7 / vista anyhow.. maybe same for xp.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management
LargeSystemCache default 0, changed to 1 = supposed to be hard drive cache.
......... after changes both graphics ratings went up .1 from 6.2 to 6.3 in Windows Experience Index
Daily backup & image went from 17 minutes to 11 consistently .

Just confirmed once now, it was the registry change that sped up the backups. Thats quite a time savings here ... I usually stop and twiddle my thumbs when backup runs.

Thought some here may be interested in trying that registry tweak.

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