why is a Bluestar range $2k less in Canada?

littlechloeAugust 2, 2012

Looking at the Costco Canada website - a 36" Bluestar is $3200, I was quoted $5200 at an appliance store this week. . The exchange rate is pretty close and the range is shipped directly from Bluestar. Anyone know why there would be such a huge difference?

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I must admit, I have been also wondering this question (assuming identical build). Blue Star may discount their Canadian price to grow their N. America market? Still, that 37.5% difference is a lot for a high end market as competitive as the US imho. Let's see what others say.

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Hmmm. I was quoted $5500 this week. littlechloe where do you live? I would like to save every couple of hundred I can to roll over into a better quality beverage refrigerator.

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The Costco model is an RCS, the RNB (with the higher BTU output) is more $$, make sure your getting quotes for the same model.

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Didn't notice the RCS, that would explain it, sort of. Was told this week that the RCS 30" is $3k so it's still a better deal in Canada to get the 36" for only $200 more.

p.ball. - I am in Northern Calif. The quote is for an RNB366V1/NSS - $5258, but that doesn't include the backsplash option which may be the difference. How about this one - an extra $1500 to switch out 2 burners on a 36" for a 12" french top. Yikes!

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What gives? I was quoted $6370 in Fort Worth TX today for the 36" 6 burner RNB with island trim. They said that was as low as they could sell them?

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prices are set per region by the distributor and an authorized dealer is not allowed to sell out of their region.

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Wow. That's a huge regional difference! We are remodeling and really want the blue star but I don't know if we can justify it. Based on all of our research here and elsewhere we were expecting it to be $1000 less. Is there any hope of getting it for less?

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well, make sure the dealer is quoting you his lowest price (UMRP) and not something higher like MSRP. Check with other dealers in your area to confirm.

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My quote was for the RNB 36" with six burners. The exact quote was $5548. The island trim was not included that is an extra $210. I will try to squeak out some extra dollars from him when we get closer to the actual purchase date in November. Also hoping prices do not go up before that time!

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Does anyone have a list of the MSRP's for the various models? I'd like to see a discussion of actual purchase prices versus MSRP.

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This sounds like buying a car - people are paying different prices at different dealers for the same car. We need one of those "what people are paying in your area" with a high/low and target price. I didn't realize it worked this way. I understand discounts for buying additional appliances or throwing in something for free, but different pricing on the same item seems odd.

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This is just a guess on my part, but like a car dealer some appliances dealers/areas will sell much more and can afford for BS to discount further as they will make up for it in volume. With lower volume they can't/won't discount as much.

My wife and I are getting a RGTNB366VI , 36" range top with 6 burners, for around $2,700 if memory serves me right. I just put the down payment on it this week.

I am in the West Burbs of Chicago if that helps.


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I recently bought all my appliances for a new kitchen from one store. If you look at the total price I paid for the appliances it was lower than the price I could get any one item at. Volume is really important to a business of this type and I suspect larger volume sellers may get more attractive pricing than smaller dealers.

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Another explanation for part of the price difference would be sales taxes and sales strategy restricted to two models only intermittently available at Costco in a relatively small and less affluent market. A Bluestar item exported to Canada would likely avoid American federal mfr sales tax and could have other advantages available to promote exports. When the unit is bought provincial/Canadian federal sales taxes on the final price would run between 5% and 15%.

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