Pads, notebooks, laptops, pcs, phones

albert_135May 24, 2012

Now-days, persons asking questions may be using ipads, notebooks, laptops, PCs, phones. or others.

Are these various things called ''platforms'' or ''devices'' are what?

If someone says I cannot connect to GW we need to ask "What _____ are you using?"

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I usually say devices. It is very important to give all the information you possibly can because it becomes so difficult and extremely time consuming to try to research a remedy with little to go on.
I think often the ones asking for assistance don't realize we may spend a significant amount of our time researching the problem for the best solution. If it saves any of us including the person asking time then give all you can from the beginning. As I told someone, I truly wish the answers just came magically falling out of my mind but unfortunately I don't have that power!
And the older I get the less the stuff that really is in my brain makes an appearance! LOL

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ipads, notebooks, laptops, pc's and phones are devices. Computer architecture, programming language, operating systems, and software framework are examples of platforms.

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