Can one remove cookies of just one website.

albert_135May 6, 2013

A news column states a woman saved money by removing all her FTD cookies. Can one remove cookies created by just one website or is this just sloppy news reporting?

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PKponder TX

Albert, I have no idea how anyone could save any money by deleting cookies. It sounds like the reporter was clueless.

You can certainly search through the considerable list of cookies and temp files and delete just the ones that have a specific website as their origin, but why would anyone do that?

If you want instructions for finding the cookie folder, we'll need to know the Operating system and browser.

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My thought to the claim is possibly when ordering on-line at the FTD site this reporter is able to use a one-time-only promotion more than once.

I see this as a possibility as there's a small local newspaper here that allows me to view it on-line complimentary for five days and then it blacks me out. When I delete my cookies I have access again.

Again, just a thought.


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The 'twelfth' button down (on link site).

Drag it to your tool bar.

On any page, click on the button .. cookies deleted!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bookmarklets

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Just a question. Is this referral something you have experience in using or is it something you discovered in graciously trying to help the poster? I ask as you didn't share that information, and I am unfamiliar with the site or the product.


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Have used it (button and site) for years.

I also use the Zap Colors button (For hard to read sites using gaudy colors), Zap Images button (For Graphic intensive, slow loading pages), Zap Cheap Effects (zaps junk on pages like marquees and 'blinking' logos).

The site and tools are legit and very useful!
(Take a look around)


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Cookie operations - like delete or delete specific ones - are so trivial to do, I'd (personally) never find any random tool so compelling as to justify its use or the visiting of an obscure website.

If you've used stuff from such a source without problem, you were lucky. It's not a good practice.

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It IS NOT 'some' random or 'obscure' website!

A very dear friend of mine created those 'tools' .. years ago .. as a help to us who were then on something called a webtv!

The 'tools' didn't have to be downloaded (webtv couldn't download) so it was a way for webtv users to do the different things that only pc users could do at the time!

And IF cookies were so 'trivial' to so many .. so many wouldn't ask questions and show concern about them!

Now Go and TRY to actually help someone!


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I believe behind DA's question was the same concern I had!

In responding to him, you said nothing of knowing the person involved!

As far as I'm concerned, it's an anonymous website, your's is an anonymous endorsement, and I'm not clicking the link or anything presented there! I'm careful and get no viruses or malware infections, how about you!?

Every browser user needs to know how to clear history, cache, and cookies! It takes no more than two clicks!

(PS, I probably know more about WebTV than you might expect, but who cares!)

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I prefer reviewing experience referrals rather than blind one's even if they are well intended. So I had to ask. No more. No less.


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If you take the advice given on here .. SURELY you know about WOT!?

Try it sometime!

That site 'bookmarklets' has Nothing But excellent ratings!

No One .. who has been posting and helping others on this forum should have to PROVE that their recommendations are safe!

I know and Trust the long time members.

NOW try checking at the following link please!

Here is a link that might be useful: WOT

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No one has to prove anything to me. I just politely asked as like everything else in life I look for personal referrals. It's like when a member cuts and pastes information as a response to a post and it gives the impression of personal knowledge. I for one would prefer the referral to the website rather than just the verbage. I then can get a broader view of the reliabilty of the data, and there might be even more on-point information available.

WOT is a fine reference to support human input.

And as far as long time members, though it means nothing there are not many who are still here from when I arrived in 1998. (There were a core of us who for whatever reason lost our profile in 2001 and they had to be republished.)

Please don't lump me in with the other side of the fence.


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I don't know that website, I'm not sure what value it provides.

For many of the recurring problems read about here - my computer won't ....., how do I get rid of this toolbar,..., why does it keep...... , what do I do about this malware....., why is my PC suddenly so slow....,the cause is careless (or naive) web surfing practices.

With an industrial strength antivirus program with realtime monitoring, if one stays on the path when wandering in the woods, downloads and installs only widely used programs and apps, and avoids any of the millions of random sites containing possible harm but otherwise little of value, problems are avoided.

You're all welcome to follow whatever practices you wish.

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