HP Photosmart printer won't print - any ideas?

gma_jMay 2, 2011

My Photosmart 8450 quit printing. I printed a photo with it a couple days ago just fine. I was going to print a second photo and it just would not print. So I tried just printing a document and would not print.

There are no error messages, all the lights come on, and I have tried unplugging it and then retrying to print.

No luck.

There is nothing in the manual under troubleshooting for a printer that just won't print.

Any ideas????? (I hope)


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START>Printers>right click on the printer entry. Is is set as the default printer?

Have you used any system cleaners in which you removed drivers, registry entries, etc.?

Have you uninstalled or installed any applications?

When all else fails uninstall all the HP software and drivers according to the HP instructions, and re-install according to the HP instructions.


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PKponder TX

Another thing to try is just to delete the printer, unplug the USB cable from the computer side, then after restarting Windows, plug it back in and let the drivers install. Might save the time of that very lengthy install.

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damccoy, it is set as the default printer. I have not used any system cleaners nor have I uninstalled or installed any applications.
pkponder, before I uninstall and re-install as damccoy suggested, I would like to try what you suggest.
I will get back to you when I have a chance to try it---have to go to work.

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I had to uninstall and reinstall as you suggested, damccoy.
Now it works. Thanks

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As always, more than welcome.

With printers, particularly with HP models, when all else fails.

Thanks for reporting the results.


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