Strange notice in Taskbar

CricketmMay 23, 2012

I get this "ta da ta da" sound and it looks like a question mark and driver" that appears in my taskbar....all of a never happened before. It is driving me crazy. I restored to an early date but it still appears every time. when I am on the internet and working on my files. Any advice?


Dell Inspiron 1525

Vista Home Edition

Service Pack 2

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.66GHz 1.67 GHZ

3.00 GB Memory (RAM)

32-bit Operating System

Microsoft Security Essentials

Windows Firewall

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I finally was able to right click it....It is "Safety Remove Hardware"...what does that mean.??

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Typically it means you have some kind of removable storage attached to your computer like a thumb drive. It could also be a printer with an integral card reader, cell phone, or MP3 player.

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Yesterday I backup my dell laptop to USB Flash Drive..8GB, it was successful ...and I removed it.....but then it still comes up about it being attached. But it is NOT attached.

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but then it still comes up about it being attached.

Where do you think Windows is getting that information from?

Most likely from My Computer open My Computer and see if the USB Removal Storage device is listed, if so right click on it and notice the options you have.

Reboot the computer.

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zep516..I went to MY COMPUTER and the USB Flash Drive was not listed inserted the USB Flash Drive into my laptop and then I went to MY COMPUTER and it was listed so I clicked eject and then I removed the Flash drive.......I think that did the trick. The games you have to do to fix a silly problem. It was annoying hear that ta da ta da....Thank you so very much for the info......everyone .....

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For the point of correctness, the function is called Safely Remove Hardware.

This Windows function is offered to close USB attached devices before removing. It should always be used. In portable devices the three potential failures resulting from not using are loss of data, loss of data with drive space no longer usable, and data becoming read only.


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