how far should faucet extend over vessel sink?

dandylandySeptember 1, 2010


Anyone have a rule of thumb for this?

For instance, should the spout of your faucet extend 1/4 the width of the vessel sink?

We haven't picked either the vessel or the faucet yet.

This is for a small powder room. We plan to have a wall-mounted faucet and a vessel sink, and I'm trying to figure out proportions.


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the sinks i bought had a specifications list which stated the exact ht and reach recommended for the faucet...

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Hi BusyBee3,

very interesting. We need to have the plumber install the rough-in for the faucet soon, so I will try to pick a sink now and see if it specifies, or else "test" it at home using a spatula to get an idea of how far makes sense.

Could you please share the dimensions of your vessel sink and the length of spout for your wall-mounted facuet?


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Hi dandylandy,

I think some of this will depend on the shape of your sink and style of faucet. But I'll share my experience in case it helps...

Our plumber set up the faucet so that the arc of water would land right at the drain. It sounds like a good idea, but now that I've used it for awhile (almost 2 years) I'd like the faucet a bit closer to the sink. This is because when I wash my hands I have to hold them down closer to the sink; if I hold them up closer to the faucet then my hands are almost over the edge of the bowl and I splash more. Ideally, I'd like to hold my hands a few inches over the center of the sink and have them right in the stream of water. I'm hoping that makes sense; the picture below shows the set up.

It's really not bad. I have 2 middle schoolers and lots of kids running around and haven't had a clean up issue. (This is the powder room on the first floor by the kitchen, so it's busy.) I'm just sayin', if I were to do it again, I'd nudge it over a bit closer to the sink.

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we ended up getting the kohler demi-lav wading pool sinks which are ~18x15 1/2 and extend up about 2 inches at their highest point...they're castiron and sortof a cross between a dropin and vessel. i got a widespread, vanity mounted faucet, so don't have a wallmount.
i, however, LOOKED online at about a gazzilion sinks...considered glass vessel for awhile and looked at lots of specification lists. not all brands provided specs, but alot did. some had nice pics with reaches and hts all spelled out, others just had the dimensions, some had's worth perusing the sites!! good luck!

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The Granite guy just drilled my holes yesterday, My faucet stem actually touches my vessel sink. I thought it was 2 close but Im not the professional.

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Touching doesn't sound right. Unless the instructions on your faucet say it should be touching the sink, your granite guy may have cut it too close. I've seen granite guys "wing it" -- by eye, or by quick, rough measurement -- all too easily if they aren't given specific instructions on where you want the holes. I hope it'll work out fine with your particular sink and faucet.

-- Eric

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Logged in after a long weekend and was very thankful to see the responses. Chicagoans, thanks for the photo - it looks great and I'm glad you have had a mostly good experience with it. Looking at your picture, it made me wonder if you could get a faucet with a slightly longer spout? Would that allow you to hold your hands a little higher? Also, how deep is your vessel bowl?

We had to buy the wall mounted faucet because the plumber needed the rough in.

The spout reaches 7" from the wall, according to the spec.
Please see the photo link - the spout turns down sharply so the water should go more or less straight down instead of at an angle.

Now, I have to choose a vessel sink size. I am open to rectangular or round or any other shape that will fit.

It would be nice to know what size to get. I called Jado and they said it is personal preference. :-( He told me to look at the showrooms, but I have and none of those faucets have RUNNING water. I can't tell how they splash or don't splash, only whether it is easy to get my hands under them.

Please, anyone else with advice, I would appreciate it.

I am thinking a 14" round that is about 6 inches deep would work... it would give space to get hands into bowl and hopefully not splash too much...


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yea I sure hope it works out all so, because my contractor knows I will say something if it isnt. My tile guys actually laid 2 pieces of broken tile in my master bath and expected me to just overlook it at 130 per squar foot Im not overlooking anything

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