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flyoverguyAugust 8, 2013

After 2 months of use I feel somewhat qualified to post my experiences with the CC self-clean.

Initially though I had decided to upgrade to a professional -style range over 18 months ago and this forum was a prime resource in the selection process. In the end the choice was between Capital and Bluestar and in hindsight I would have been thrilled with either. However I felt the CC was a better fit based on the rotisserie and gill/griddle additions. Simmering is not huge in my cooking but the CC has the small burner which is nice should I ever need it.

So I ordered the unit through Trevor/Eurostoves along with their ModernAire hood - 48" self clean with both the grill and griddle options. I can say that Trevor made such a big purchase an easier experience and was very satisfied with the process.

So - on to the particulars!

The burners are fantastic. I saute mostly and the biggest challenge of learning to use this unit is to get used to the power of it. My old range was full on - no more. I can get fantastic results on just about any dish. I just have to make sure everything is ready since I no longer have the time to set things up while waiting for the cooking phase to complete.

Wok ring - I cannot say enough about this. My wok fits perfectly and I definitely get better results than I used to. I am working through all my favorite recipes and the propane-fired outdoor wok stand is now history.

Grill - although there is a lengthy preheat time the grill works very well. Still getting the times down.

Griddle - works just fine and I have not even started to use it to its full potential. Really nice to whip up breakfast on this.

Oven/Broiler - The ovens work just fine and the broiler has been a revelation. But the rotisserie just astounds with this broiler. As colder weather approaches there is a lot more to try out. I don't mind the racks that much - they are more sturdy than what they replaced and they can be removed and put in easily enough. Just have to remember to do this before you turn the oven on.

The hood is powerful and not quite as loud as my mother's Wolf unit with better CFM. Very pleased with this set up and it is also 48".

I was very surprised that after turning off the ovens there is a fan which runs for up to an hour venting the ovens. I imagine they are well-insulated and the heat this range throws off means I use the hood for temp control during hot weather.

I am still learning on this unit, as my wife is. It is a very different world with burners and a broiler this powerful. Looking forward to more cooking with this. I could not be more pleased.

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Thanks for the review. We often see posts by people the day after the range arrives, and of course it is very helpful to see what you get with longer use. BTW, I have had my Bluestar a few months, love the burners, and the full extension oven rack, the only disappointment is the broiler is very powerful, but very small in size. It works great for a couple of hamburgers, or a pound of salmon, but as you get much bigger, you get too much heat in the center of the food, and not enough on the sides. On the plus side, the broiler pan is great, cleans off very easy.

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They are both excellent but for me the rotisserie really tipped my decision in favor of the CC. I also hear very little about the grill/griddle option on the Bluestar and that also counted.

We will see where we are in 8 months.

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i had my CC rangetop (6 burners,+ grill) for almost two years now.. I like it a lot and it works well, The power is great at high and the simmer is also pretty low. Wok cooking is great for power, (but I notice it gets really hot in a ring pattern, and on the side where the wok ring has the opening, but there is a cool spot right at the center, and on the side where the wok ring is blocking the fire) I have a grill and it works very well also. So far, my only complaint is that for some of the burner, the ignitor will click randomly at simmer, esp when the hood is on. does that happen on your burners too. it clicks on about 2-3 out of the 6 burners on mine.

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I have not done a lot of simmering but during the times I have I never noticed the ignitors clicking at all. They do when the knob is pushed in, even without turning so I hear them when leaning over when cleaning.

My wok must have a good shape since I have not noticed any cool spots when using it. It has been such a huge improvement from the old range I am cooking more food more quickly with better results. Veggies are not soggy anymore.

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