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mxyplxMay 11, 2012

This ain't so simple.

El cheapo is about $100 but I see for a bit more (about $250) I can get a 64 bit machine with W/7 (pre-installed no disk) and up to 1T hd but only 3G ram with a max capability of 8G ram.

I don't really want W/7 but maybe I'd like it and keep it - dunno. Have to see.

Could I could clone the W/7 to my external hd then slick it off the hd in favor of my linux but reinstall the W/7 should I so desire? That way I'd have a more modern machine going forward other than an obsolete computer?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Or you could get a second hard drive install linux on it and leave windows as is, use the boot order screen to choose which hard drive to access, or just disconnect the one with windows on it.
I see no reason you can't clone the windows 7 they urge doing that anyway.

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I like that idea. However I finally bot the cheapest thing possible and it is an HP SFF model so there isn't room. Got an HP DC7600 for $125 delivered. Haven't lost much and I can modernize any time.

Gotta watch out. Many comps don't have the CDRW anymore just the DVD. I spose the CD will die soon.

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Are you sure the DVD player/burner doesn't also do CDs? If you check closely, I believe you will find that it does. Most are dual purpose in newer machines.

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HI- I suspected that couldn't confirm it. Some ads said combo. Some didn't. Some didn't have RW capability either. I think the workstation models may not have certain features.

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You might find this 9 minute Youtube video on that 7600 of interest

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It sure is - Thanx.

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