Windows Media Player??

pkspigsMay 14, 2012

I have IE 7 and I HATE windows media player. It is so screwed up and I do not know how to fix it. There is "stuff" on there you can NOT delete,etc. Is there anything else out there that I can download that is easy and shows all my "stuff"? Thanks, pk

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have VLC on all of my computers much better alternative.

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Does anybody actually know hot to use Windows Media Player. They need to send a text book and study guide and hold night classes at the local community college for that thing.

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I did not like it either. I had to load ITunes for my Ipod and I like it, it is much easier to use. when I have to reload it for some reason it has all of my music and settings on it.

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Strange...must be me. I have both VLC and Windows Media Player, and find WMP far more intuitive and easier to use! Only use VLC for unusual formats...

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Richard (chuggerguy)

VLC used to hiccup at the start of every FLAC file I played. In both the Linux version and the Windows version on different machines. Several updates and it eventually got fixed but until then I used Media Player Classic.

Or just for audio, Foobar:

Windows Media Player pretended not to even know the FLAC codec existed so I never had use for it.

VLC amazed me by playing RAR'd up DVD(VOB) movies before they even finished downloading. Public Domain movies of course.

The only thing you may want to watch if you install VLC is that they may try to slip in some useless(to me) toolbar, change your search engine or whatever. Just uncheck the box unless you want it.

Actually, I had forgotten MPC until I started writing this so I installed it. To its credit, it didn't try to slip anything else into the install, which I like.

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You could try Windows Fix It. An on line site by Microsoft that has various free diagnostic and repair routines.

It Fixed several quirks I was having with IE9 and now I actually enjoy using my system.

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