Odd Behavior From HP Laptop Keys:

not2brightMay 3, 2013


A relative's HP laptop (with XP SP3) has started having two behavioral problems associated with the keys: 1) every time a key is pressed there is a clicking sound, which is not coming from the physical key itself but from act of pressing it (the sound comes through the speakers), and 2) she cannot press the same key more than once per second or two. If, for example, she presses the "backspace" key, she must wait a second or so before pressing it again. If she does not wait it will do nothing when pressed the second time. This is only when pressing the same key in quick succession. Pressing different keys works perfectly fine (except for the above-mentioned clicking sound).

I have not as yet run any scans to see if there is some virus/malware related problem. I thought I would ask here first in case someone already knows what this type of behavior might suggest, and in case it might not be malware related.

Btw, in a brief search for this issue, I happened to notice an open question at Yahoo answers (posted just two days ago to the Malaysian Yahoo Answers board) which, if I understand the person's comment correctly, seems to be describing something similar, but on a different device. (It has not as yet received any answers. Link below.)

Anyway, before I put the beast (the laptop, not my relative) through a battery of scans, I'll wait for any comments here, in case anyone knows from experience what it might be.

Thanks !


Here is a link that might be useful: http://malaysia.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130501225107AA8jMXv

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I believe the "problem" lies in settings for her keyboard. What kind of keyboard does she have? Did she install software for the keyboard? My wireless keyboard has various settings, one of which is to make a sound when a key is pressed. In XP, open Control Panel and click on Printers and Other Hardware. Then click on keyboard, and see if there is any setting there that may be causing this.

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Suggest she also download, install, update then run Malwaarebytes

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Thanks for the responses !

For some reason the problem is not present today. Or I should say "problems." The two issues (the clicking sound when depressing a key and the inability to press the same key twice without pausing for a couple seconds) both resolved themselves (proving at least that they must have been related).


It's an HP laptop, so the keyboard is integrated. It was not listed as a separate device in the Printers and Other Hardware section. And the Device Manager (which I also checked) didn't have anything of import either. :-(


Yes, she already has that, as well as Avira AV and SAS. I will be running those scans for her soon. I only asked my question before doing so in case anyone might have known of this issue and knew it to have some other obvious cause.

Well, for now it's a mystery. But if my scans find anything I'll post an update, just for information's sake.

Thanks again !

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