1/4 inch glass for shower door?

kateydSeptember 23, 2008

I just got a quote for a shower enclosure. It is frameless, a fixed panel and 28 inch door for a 4 foot tiled shower, total about 46 inches across. The quote was for 1/4 inch clear glass and was $1095, installed. This is a local shop, they do the best work in out town. Does any one have a custom door with 1/4" glass?

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Frameless in 1/4"?? Dont do it... 3/8 is the minimum for a hinged door that size...

If the stationary panel is only attached at one wall and the curb, my door guy makes those out of 1/2" glass for added stability. Since your fixed panel is only 18" wide, I'd say you're safe with 3/8" glass.

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Thanks for the response, I was really liking that price but I thought I should ask for opinions. The shower door we took down is 1/4 inch frameless door but has a track across top and bottom holding fixed panel. It kinda wobbles a bit when we open it and is not as tall ( was on a fiberglass shower). The estimate for 3/8 glass was over $2100 for door and fixed panel, about 46 inches across.

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I got a Showerguard door just a little bit bigger than yours for about $1500 (3/8" glass). None of my bids which included 1/2" and Starphire were higher than $1600. I am in Portland, OR.

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46" wide...go with french doors to eliminate the fixed panel. A much improved installation.

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The estimate for 3/8 glass was over $2100

Get another estimate...

Things cost a fortune where I am, and I still dont pay that much... I had 6' frameless bypass sliders 3/8" glass installed in a customers home last month for $800. My own shower has a 1/2" panel 42"x 72, and a 3/8" door 28"x72"... I paid $1500.

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I'm a union Glazier glass showers should always be at least 3/8 inch glass, common for middleclass residential... 1/2inch is a higher end product. Do not do 1/4 inch

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