problems with cd player on laptop

norar_ilMay 8, 2013

I load cds onto itunes and from there to my ipod so I can listen to books in the car. Some of the cds seem to get stuck and take a very long time (over a hour at times) to download. I thought it was the fault of the cd itself -- scratched or something -- but the last one was brand new. On the next to last track, it would bog down on every cd in the audio book.

I'm guessing the player on the laptop is going bad or having some sort of problem and am wondering about getting an external player to use. Are they as simple to use as plugging them into the computer and going? Do they work just like the original -- loading to itunes?

Any other suggestions for solving the problem? I would truely appreciate any advice here.

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An external CD/DVD player simply plugs into a USB port on the side of your laptop. Might want to pay attention to which operating system you have because if XP then it does not understand a DVD player, seek advice from the store you are considering buying from. Perhaps get them to write on the receipt that the drive you buy is compatible with the computer

This is assuming the laptop is new enough to have USB ports installed.

With the current CD player is this slowness something new or has it always been this way? Got a make and model number?

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How full is your hard drive? Also make sure some malware isn't occupying the dynamic memory.

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I think some of you guys missed the question - OP is ripping audio book CDs and experiences long rip times with SOME disks.

OP, I've ripped a lot of CDs (large music collection) and have encountered this from time to time. You're right, sometimes it's because of scratches. Sometimes it's because a PC has limited memory and prior actions in the current on/off session have used too much of the limited space. Sometimes, the ripping software just doesn't like the CD. Sometimes, nothing seems to work.

My suggestion is to turn your PC off, turn it on again, and try using a different program to rip the disk that seems stalled. Try Windows Media player. If no better, download and try Media Monkey for the rip. If no better, then I'd guess it's either a difficult disk or a drive problem.

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