Which Miele Dishwasher is the right choice?

sreedesqAugust 27, 2013

I am currently debating between the lower models of the Miele dishwashers (Classic, Crystal, and Dimension) and trying to decide which model is the best fit for me. I want the cutlery tray and exterior controls similar to the G5225SCSS (I don't prefer the Miele handle). But, I'm not sure if the 3D cutlery tray, the auto-open drying, china mode, intensive mode, Q4 are worth upgrading to the Crystal or Dimension? I would love to hear from those of you who have any of these newer models on your experiences using those features and whether you think they are worth the extra cost. Thanks!

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There is already a ton of information on here regarding what you are asking. Do a search for it on here, or use google and specify gardenweb and miele and any of your other options it should come up.

We love our dimension with the 3d cutlery tray, would never not have that now.


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The first thing you need to find out is the hardness level of your local water supply.

If it is below 4 gpg then you should consider the Classic.

If it is 4 gpg or above then should consider the Crystal with built-in water softener or higher.

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We have the dimension with the auto door and 3d cutlery tray. Very nice and so far really enjoy it.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I will test the water. I will mention that I am on county water and not a well.

Thanks for your insight regarding the Dimension. I wondered if people actually adjusted the 3D tray and used that feature and enjoyed it or if it was an extra perk most never used. I'm glad to know you enjoy it!

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I leave my 3D in the down position all the time. I use it for whisks, ladles and other large utensils. It is one of the best features of this dishwasher. I have the Diamond, which is perhaps a bit over the top. But the Dimension and Dimension Plus are very significant upgrades over the lower models.

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OK, I have to say that after adding a two-story addition to our house, including a heavenly new master bath for us, BOTH my husband and I say that the single best change is our Miele Futura Dimension Plus! It's the sneaky, not well-advertised model at the top of the dimension line but before you get to the Diamond line "(and jump $700!)

And, I largely credit to that to two aspects of the Miele - yes, it cleans incredibly well and you can load a ton into it, plus it looks beautiful, but it's the 3D cutlery tray AND the auto-open drying that have changed our life!

Like the poster above, we leave the 3D down all the time and not only put utensils and knives in it, but also tops to water bottles or our apple slicer, graters, etc. It's fantastic.

But the auto-open dry is the KEY feature in why we went with the Futura Dimension Plus - it's the only Dimension that has the auto-open dry.

Now, it depends on whether you live in house that uses plastic cubs or tupperware containers, but that auto-open means that every single thing is dry in the dishwasher when you go to unload it - and compared to the Bosch and a lot of others, that's amazing. We have a Bosch in our wet bar = which I got because I thought it would be great for the china and wine glasses, but everything is only 70% dry. When we open our Miele after the auto-open, everything is dry including our plastic glasses and the kids' lunch containers. And, that's like the whole cup rack!

For the same price as the high-end Kitchen Aid or Bosch, the Miele FDP is a much, much better purchase!

I was helping someone else and posted pics of our dishwasher after a cycle to show how crazy you can load it and everything is still clean, but more importantly how much plastic that is dry in our cup rack, plus all we fit in that 3D rack. It's crazy!

Good luck - you won't regret it!

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Thank you so much akcorcoran! Your comments about the Bosch are really helpful, b/c I did look at the 800 series and I wasn't that impressed with the quality of the racks.

My Bluestar dealer has a floor model Dimension Plus they are selling for 1250, I would need to buy a new door (it is panel ready) for 220. It's never been hooked up and has a full warranty and is in great shape. So, I think I am going with that option!

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We also love our FDP. The floor model sounds like a good deal - go for it!

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That's a great price if it's got full warranty - with a panel door, it doesn't matter what the front looked like! I think you'll be really happy!

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P.S. I realized in my photos, that we have cutlery with mother-of-pearl handles so it doesn't fit in the slots like traditional flatware. That looks pretty disorganized! Most people's flatware lays right in in a row.

If you're going to your dealer's showroom, bring your plates, cutlery and favorite glasses! I even brought our wine glasses. You want to be sure it fits and play around with it!

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I bought it yesterday and brought it home! My door should be in soon. I'm so excited :)

It does have full warranty and was never hooked up in the showroom.

Do you all use the Miele Salt, Rinse Aid, and Dishwasher Tabs?

Thanks again for all of your help!!!

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Yay for you! I really think you'll love it. It's ridiculous how many times my hubby and I say that the Miele rocks. :-)

Oh, lordy, there is a lot of discussion on whether to use the Miele products- you should search on the boards because there are people that have had Mieles a lot longer than I have and are better experts on the subject.

Here's where we are:
1) We use the Miele Dishwasher Tabs - the dishes are sparkly clean and while a bit more expensive, I didn't feel like trying to save a few bucks but struggle with it. I can't remember the brand but some people swear by another brand and they break them in half...? Check the other posts on that. DO NOT use Cascade or regular detergents!
2) We did use the Miele Rinse Aid - which came in a really annoying bottle that doesn't pour well. I don't know that it is anything magic but it was brand new and we wanted to give it all the love and attention we could. :) We still have 1/3 of the bottle and completely filled it the first time, then have replenished when it said it was low, so it the bottle goes fairly far.
3) OK, the salt is complicated. You MUST use salt if you have hard water. We live in a city with fairly good, soft water and I think the levels are low enough that we aren't necessarily required to use it. That said, the machine says "Needs Salt." all the friggin' time so I bought some and we're actually going to try to figure it out this weekend. I thought it was supposed to self-test somehow and turn that off - or I could turn it off, I don't know. Salt is a must in Europe but confusing here! :)

sounds like you got an awesome deal - enjoy your Miele!

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Akcorcoran: make sure you use the Miele salt, not regular ktichen or rock salt. My salesperson said you are also to add the entire box with a cup of water. It isn't required where I live and in fact the installer says it will probably never be needed, but I asked about it anyway to be sure.

IDK, maybe instructions are on the box.

If people can post pictures of how they load similar to your photo above, I'd really appreciate it. We are still struggling as a family to figure it out.


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It's the Somat salt, right? You load the whole box? I will definitely read the instructions!

I'd love to see how other folks load their Miele DWs - maybe we should start a separate thread for that? Would be so helpful!

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Yes, I could definitely use that thread! I have seen all kinds of thoughts on here re: tablets. Someone said Miele changed the formula? My initial thought now is to spring for all Miele stuff, see how the dishwasher works with it, then maybe try others in a month or so to compare...

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Before adding salt, test the water to see the hardness. I've had 2 machines now and never needed the salt.

If you don't need salt, call Miele tech support and ask them to help you disable the softener so you don't keep getting annoying messages. It can be done over the phone. They direct the owner.

If salt is required, ask them for instructions on how much etc to use though that info may be on the website somewhere (website is not the easiest).

Some of us longtime owners like Method Smarty Tabs, which are the ones we cut. Target, Amazon, drugstore.com all carry them.

We also like the Finish Quantum tabs -- the one with the red ball in the center.

I can't stand tolerate powder detergents so the tabs have been a godsend for me. So easy. I use 1/2 tab with smaller and lighter soil loads. If I have huge load with pots & pans I go with the Quantum.

Was using Miele tabs but they changed the formulation. It really depends on the water and how each one works with it. Somat tabs are the most expensive but they also do a great job.

Re loading. Everyone has their style. I go back to front. There have been photos of many crazy loads. I pretty much keep the bottom right side rack folded down for pots and bowls but I put everything possible in there.

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Yes! Photos please!!!

As for the salt and rinse aid, the product they had at the appliance store was white and said Miele on the box and bottle, didn't say somat. I have seen the Somat products on various websites and the box is red w/blue writing.

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OK, I posted a new thread asking for pics of loaded Miele dws, so you guys have to help me out and post yours! Otherwise, I'll look like a dork with a totally disorganized dishwasher! :)

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akcorcoran, can you tell me the model number of your DW? I went into the appliance stores and they said "Miele Futura Dimension Plus" was not enough information to pinpoint the exact dishwasher or give me a quote. They weren't impressed when I knew it was the one that popped open...

Egads, picking appliances is hard.

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I just purchased a Miele Dimension dishwasher last week. The models were just updated and the Miele Dimension Plus line no longer exists. It's auto open feature was incorporated into the new Dimension models. The models are:

Dimension G 5605 SC
Dimension G 5605 SCi
Dimension G 5670 SCVi
Dimension G 5675 SCSF
Dimension G 5675 SCVi

The only difference between these are the door styles I believe.

You might want to find a different appliance vendor if they couldn't look up this information for you.

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I couldn't agree more with Regenshire, he is right about the Dimension (didn't check model #'s) and you need a new dealer stat! I'm not recommending you order from them, but abt.com and ajmadison.com can give you a good overview of models and their features online.

By no means am I a Miele dishwasher expert, but my understanding is that as of very recently they make 4 base models of their Futura dishwasher line (their only line and from cheapest to most - Classic, Crystal, Dimension, and Diamond). Then, you get into whether you want certain features - colors, handles, cutlery trays on the lower end, etc. that give you variety in model numbers of the base model.

The Dimension now has the features that only the Dimension Plus used to have (auto-open dry specifically since that is what you are interested in). The reason I was able to get such a deal on the Dimension Plus is that it has been discontinued and the showroom dealer wanted it off his floor.


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