Wolf Pro Wall Chimney Hood -- how do they perform?

kaysdAugust 14, 2012

I am considering the 42" Wolf Pro Wall Chimney Hood (PWC422418) with a 900 cfm internal blower to go over a 36" Wolf AG range with charbroiler. I would love to go with something like Modernaire, but $4K for a hood is out of the question. I found a good deal on an open-box Wolf hood, but want to make sure it is a good hood.

Is the Wolf good at removing HOGS? Is the blower noisy?

I considered using a 1400 cfm Abbaka Hy-Ex external blower with the Wolf hood, but the dealer says they can't be used together.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wolf hood

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I am pretty sure the wolf hood can be used with the Abbaka blower, your salesman might be feeding you a line on that one, you could call Abbaka and ask them if the blower will work with a Wolf Hood.

Does the open-box hood you found have a duct cover which is normally extra with Wolf Hoods?

You Modenraire pricing seems a little off...

Modernaire PS2030-342 cost is $3626 (inc 1200 cfm blower)
Modernaire PS2030-042 cost is $2644 (no blower)
Abbaka Blower $950.00

Open-box appliances can be very good buys ..... Good luck.

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Thanks, Trevor -- I will check with Abbaka re compatability. The salesman has an Abbaka blower he could sell me instead for a just a little more than the Wolf internal blower, he just wasn't sure when I asked if it was compatible. He called me back later and said no, but I am guessing he may have called Wolf to ask and of course they would say no. Of course, my GC will charge more for installing a roof blower.

My quote for the Modernaire PS2030-342 with 1200 cfm blower and chimney extension was over $4300. I can get the Wolf with blower for around $2K (w/o duct cover) and have a duct cover fabricated locally for $400-500 (I want a seamless duct cover for a vaulted ceiling). It seems like a good deal as long as Wolf hoods work well.

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I agree the Wolf hood is a good price at $2k but if you add on the $400 - $500 with no blower I would suggest the Modernaire would be the better buy overall, I think the $4300 you were quoted was either over priced or a mistake.

Three problems I see with the Wolf from a function and design perspective in comparison to the Modenraire are.

1) It requires a transition from rectangle to round, this creates drag and extra noise.

2) The lip seems recessed which means the coverage is not 24" but closer to 23".

3) The light bar is not recessed up into the hood so the true capture are area may well be 20" or less, which is 5" less than the front burners on the AG Wolf which extend 25" from the back wall.

Hopefully someone with a Wolf hood will comment to help you out with my concerns, which may well be groundless.

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Thanks for the notes on the capture area. I am not sure what you mean about the transition from rectangle to round.

I would certainly be happy to re-consider the Modernaire hood if the $4300 price quote was a mistake -- my designer got the quote from you. The $2k price for the Wolf includes the blower ($1500 for hood and $500 for blower).

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I would say we have a mistake because the correct price is noted above, provided no changes were to be made ie Height, depth or width, and of course blower.

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