AVG Security took over Google home page

ellie45May 18, 2012

I can't get this embedded AVG page with a grey background off of my Google home page. They have a drop down wish list as well. Don't use the security system. Deleted it from programs with only one delete option that I saw. Logo is on URL site as well. What the heck. Scary.

Here is a link that might be useful: AVG page on my Google homepage.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

How To Disable AVG Secure Search Provider In Browsers

Are you saying you have deleted the entire AVG antivirus program? If so you need to use a removal tool to fully remove it. You can use app remover to do that.
Using AppRemover

What antivirus program have you got installed and running currently?

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Kaspersky is my anti-virus. I could not get rid of AVG as it took over Google home page. Deleted it from programs but that did nothing. Then I found another program called "I want this.com." Kaspersky called it a threat. I looked it up and it is. Deleted that and then was able to delete the Google tool bar and got rid of AVG that took of the Google pageand am now running a scan with Kaspersky. It is gone for now.

Raven, this bugger took over the Google home page as if it layed on top of it and played the part of a search engine.
I can't believe that the real AVG is invasive like that with a drop down menu on the right side with a wish list tab and right top with coupons. This was what you saw in my original post perhaps. I will follow-up with your links. I just need to tell you this is what happened to me. It was there for several days. If you have heard of this I would love more info on how the heck I got it. I have installed ipad and iphone thru iTunes and synced them with my computer and added Safari and an app called garage Band as well as CNET. Thanks for the links and help. Dinner time for you soon.

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Nope, it is there again. I looked at the directions on your link this is heavy duty. Scared but will start it.

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I am sorry to say that I got through the instructions and the AVG still rules. It is not listed as a program. I made sure Google was enabled and AVG is the bully that wins. If AVG is not a threat, I will try again later. I would never add an anti virus program when I have one. Wish I knew how and why.
Thanks for now.

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What anti malware programs do you have?
Are they up to date and have you ran a full scan?

You could go here, download the rescue disk and burn it to a CD. Then enter your BIOS to have the CD listed to start first (it may be already set that way), insert the CD and reboot. This causes the CD to run and not Windows. Follow the simple instructions to allow it to get the latest updates from Kaspersky then do a full scan.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

please try using the App remover program I provided the link to and follow the instructions that are on that page. It will fully remove AVG and yes that is really part of AVG which is why a lot of people are leaving them for other AV programs.

You need to run that app remover anyway because as long as you have not fully removed AVG it can seriously interfere with Kaspersky.

Also use malwarebytes after you have cleaned up with app remover.
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Win) - Detecting and Removing Malware

the directions link I provided is actually very easy to do you just need to do the right one for which ever browser you use, they gave the directions for each type you only have to do it for the one that has the AVG on it. if it is IE look to see which version and then do the directions given for that one. To know the version look up top and Help then About. you will see the version

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An interesting project. When you ask what my anti malware programs are I would say Kaspersky as I have not considered the difference in malware and virus.

Kaspersky is up to date and I have run it twice this week.

Owbist. What do I have here in your opinion? Why would AVG take over? Is this a clone? AVG is considered on this site to be a great free software. Also, since I have synced my iPad and phone are they suspectible to this AVG. I use Safari to search on them. D**n it. Do I have a virus?

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AVG recently had a program update along with their normal defintions update. The AVG Secure Search was something that was bundled with the program update and needed to be unchecked if unwanted.

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shboom, you understand I never downloaded it unless it came with my netgear router or iPad stuff.

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Raven et al: I used the App remover.Inspite of the fact that I deleted the AVG program earlier today it did not recognize any uninstall. I asked it to find the anti-virus programs that I had and it came up with:

Javacool sofware
Nothing specifically named AVG

I didn't remove any of them. Malwarebytes which I use as part of my monthly maintenance found 2 adware problems and I deleted those.

Could Javacool be part of the AVG problem? could it be bundles with that?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

No javacool is spywareblaster a good program to have but you need to be updating it weekly and then enable all protection for it to do any good.

I am confused you mention not having any anti malware programs but then in the list you said said it found malwarebytes, that is exactly what malwarebytes is, it will find things that your antivirus won't. Since you do mention using it monthly that is good, just be sure you always update it first
This is not an infection, not a virus, it is AVG and you will need to follow my original directions for what ever browser you are using, you still have not given us that information. It is very easy it tells step by step on the browser what you need to do.

As I said earlier this is a legitimate part of AVG,

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Try going to this link and running the first remover in the list
On the browser go to tools, add on manager then search providers, select google set as default, hilight avg select remove at bottom. Then go to the google page,
on the browser go to tools Internet options and reset your home page to google the page you should currently be on
Then go to the control panel and add remove programs, or programs, and look for avg secure search if you find it or any avg listings remove them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Remover

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Try what is listed at this link also
I have to say I am throughly disgusted and disappointed with AVG for this piece of work, the more I am finding out about it through my research the more I wonder what the heck has happened to AVG to resort to this. I found a website where the guy listed all of the changes and additions this thing did to his pc, there were thousands!
You can see it here


Very sad that a once good AV company is now putting out something that is labeled malware by many due to the invasive behavior.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Ellie wrote:-
Owbist. What do I have here in your opinion? Why would AVG take over?

First, seeing as you now appear to have Malwarebytes I suggest as ravencajun has that you update that and run a full scan. That will likely fix this if it is a rogue.

Regarding your question to me, I have no idea what you have, whether it is a rogue interpreter or the genuine AVG gone mad.

However to download and run the Kaspersky tool I linked to above is great for peace of mind. It scans without anything on your computer starting up so it has a clear run. If it comes up with nothing you are still ahead because you now know the computer is clean.

Kaspersky are a reliable company and this is a Linux disk with the safety tools built in, no harm can come to the computer by running this.

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I have IE 9 on windows7. I used the App Remover for IE 9.

I just ran a full scan Malwarebytes again - and it found pup.bundleoffer.downloader (softonic downlader for photoscape. That is it. This program is up to date.

owbist. I own Kaspersky anti-virus 2011 and have used it twice this week.It is up to date and is renewable in 34 days. I have run a full scan with it as well yesterday. The rescue disk is different?
I thought I downloaded the malware programs each time I used them and they did not reside on my computer. Still working off the idea that I can only have one anti-virus program.

So, I have used the App Remover link and did not come up with AVG. I have run Kazpersky and anti Malware and have removed 2 adware and pups pup.bundle offer downloader for photoscape.

I have rebooted several times.

Last week I paid $180 to open Windows when I walked away from the computer and came back to a message to give them my password. Didn't have one and called a company to come out. After they left and solved only that specific problem I found I couldn't send or receive e-mail. That was solved by changing a menu item.

On iPad it doesn't recognize my internet address to send out e-mails.I synced them all in the last week which is when I got them That is something else I have to work on If these new Apple products were infected more than I know.

That is all I have

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

ellie do the things I posted in my above last 2 posts from what I am reading those things have been working for most people. You have to do all the steps but they are very very easy.

This AVG search item is now coming bundled with many things so you did not have to install AVG to get it, you likely got it in something you downloaded, in some cases it has a page during install that asks if you want such and such toolbar or what ever they are trying to get you to install along with the product you have to watch very carefully and read every thing now days when installing anything because they try to sneak these darn things in on us. You are not alone if you google remove AVG search you will find hundreds of people complaining of it. But there are ways to remove it.

Try those last things and let me know if those worked. You have to remove the AVG from your available search engines after you select google as default and then change your home page back to google. Do all that at the links I provided. That first link is an actual remover from AVG.

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It is quite possible that the person(s) you had out to work on your computer may have downloaded something that contained this AVG search item. Was it after this that it took over your home page?
Take a deep breath and do the things Raven suggested, step by step. Pulling for you.

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It appears that it is gone. I used the Remover instructions you gave me RC on the Google home page and never saw AVG when I clicked on the the AVG toolbar options/advance.

Nor did I see it in IE. The only option for search providers was Google listed as default/enabled/not available.

I saw it in Firefox and removed it. I have only uploaded that program a few months back but never used it.

I removed the Google toolbar on the culprit Google home page that was with the AVG toolbar and the AVG disappeared. Then I brought back Google.

I rebooted and it is still gone and not listed as a program.I am holding my breath as it is a backward way of following the directions though I tried carefully to do that.

grandms.Your thought about the company called "On call 25/8" has been running through my mind since they came out and created a pw to get into Windows last week. They had my computer a couple of months ago when I couldn't find a graphic device and did a thorough look. There was something wrong about the guys paying forward pitch that bothered me. For $750 I could get so many hours of future help in my home. He also would take care of installing my new router and Apple apps. There are other On Call 25/8 companies and wonder if anyone has heard of them.

Raven thanks again for standing by as I made my way through these instructions. I hope this is the end. This afternoon I read all the online complaints about AVG - some going back 3 years. I have an external back up device that may have AVG on it now.Maybe I should throw it away

My feeling is that computers are not here to stay.

Also, glad to see that the Facebook IPO fell on its face at least at first offering. So many demons. Thanks everyone and have a good dinner and weekend.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well that is good news I hope it does not show it's ugly face again LOL
You did it !! that is what it takes just one step at a time. Had you made any backups to that backup device since you got the AVG problem? if not you should be fine. If you did you might want to remove those dates and do a new backup.

I suggest trying to find a good reputable repair person in your area rather than using places like that or geek squad I do not recommend those kinds of places. A local person that is well known in the area is the best way to go.Definitely do not sign up on any long term contracts like they were trying to hard arm you into.

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Absolutely! Stay away from these outfits. There are so many things you can do yourself that you do not need these people for. I consider some of them no better than thieves.

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