Help Selecting a Single Oven and Matching Microwave

awake383August 20, 2012

I am replacing a 27", six year old GE Microwave/Oven combo with a single wall oven and microwave with trim kit.

The GE combo was an expensive nightmare. The microwave was unreliable and cost an an arm and a leg to fix. The oven stopped working a few weeks ago, so I would like to know if others have had similarly negative experiences with GE Appliances.

My choices are limited because I have to fit the new appliances into the matching cabinet cutout. So far I have found Frigidaire, KitchenAid, and GE Profile (ugh) appliances that are the right dimensions and offer matching microwaves with trim kits.

I am now in analysis paralysis as the reviews for microwaves 3 all 3 manufacturers are less than stellar.

Based on your experiences which countertop microwave and/or single wall oven models would you suggest?

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Single wall ovens many of have had good luck with the Electrolux, and in fact mine has been trouble free over 6 years now. I have never seen a post in Garden Web where an Elux Microwave has failed, or their speed oven, but I don't think the speed oven comes in 27 inches and is probably more money than You want to spend, anyway?

Sorry, I do not know if the Elux oven and microwave will fit in your openings, but you could go to the AJMadison website, and you should be able to find specifications and possibly even an installation for these.

Good luck on your Hunt!


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Electrolux arguably makes the best wall oven among mainstream brands. I have a Wavetouch and it's terrific. Looks great, well designed, lots of features (including dehydration) and has several rolling racks.

The matching mike works fine, but pressing the buttons are a bit quirky. I only use to reheat and make popcorn and it easily fits the bill.

I also strongly considered Kitchenaid and, briefly, Kenmore.

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We replaced GE Monogram combination oven and MW with Electrolux 27" wave-touch and a panasonic convection MW with trim kit. The MW is a countertop unit which can be put into a cabinet. Doesn't look as nice as the Elux MW but cost a lot less and has greater capability.

Love the Elux oven so far (4 months), it has done everything perfectly - roast, convection roast, bake, probe temperature mode, dehydrate.


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There have been stories over the past few years about GE having issues with microwaves and fridges. I have a new microwave that already has a fault with the door not opening. Also, the rear got so hot using the convection feature I thought it would scorch the wall. I'll never buy another one.

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