Ashley scores a hit with Callie

cloudy_christineMarch 18, 2012

My two-year-old grandaughter Callie was here for a visit last week. Annie's daughter Ashley creates adorable tutus (and other charming things), and I knew Callie would love one. Luckily, I was able to order for quick delivery. Annie's grandaughter Makayla even joined the design team. She thought Callie needed something else, and told Ashley just what! Annie gave Callie the present Makayla designed, a wonderful butterfly headband. Callie wouldn't take it off, even to play outside.

Thnak you, Annie, Ashley, and Makayla! Callie just loved the tutu and the headband. We tried to capture the twirling!

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I do know how to spell granddaughter. And thank, LOL.
I just can't type.

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I can't believe how Callie has gown. If you would have asked me I would have said that she would be turning 1 soon! She's a doll.

That tutu is so cute and every little girl's dream. The butterfly headband is the perfect accessory! Makayla knows what girls want!

Thanks for sharing this.

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Callie looks beautiful in her tutu and Butterfly headband.

There will be lots of little girls that would love to have one of Ashley's Tutus and headbands. I can see Ashley's business being very successful.


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CC, she's adorable, but so darned big. Sigh. How did that happen?

I'm glad she liked them, and I'll show Makayla that she's wearing the headband she designed.

Ashley just got a temporary full time position at the hospital, another employee is going on maternity leave the end of the month, so her fledgling business is going to suffer, I think.

I suppose I ought to volunteer babysitting so she can keep the business growing and so she can finish her orders. She's getting a lot of requests to do hair clips and halos for weddings and proms.

I can't think of a cuter little model than this one, though!


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What a cutie and I love the adorable fashion accessories!

Annie- your girls & now Makayla are so accomplished! Now go babysit sweet little Madison!

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Very cute! Both Calllie and the new tutu and headband.


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Just precious and beautiful! Dang, now I want grandchildren.


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Absolutely adorable....

Me too Eileen , maybe someday .....

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