Aquatic whirlpool tubs vs HD or Lowes standards?

MemedaSeptember 17, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am shopping for a new whirlpool tub in a bathroom renovation project. We have set aside $900 for the tub (not including fixtures/installation) and came across the Jacuzzi and American Standard brand tubs in the big box stores. for a standard 60x32 to 36, these run around $700 plus more for a heater.

We also came across an Aquatic San Simeon from their Estate collection that someone is selling for $900. This includes the built in heater. I am leaning towards this whirlpool now.

My question is: It looks like the Simeon is much more expensive in retail. Are these tubs that much better? What do these tubs have that the sub $800 tubs from HD or Lowes don't have?

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