Stacyneil, others-"white" (epoxy) grout, still "white" after use?

kirkhallSeptember 14, 2012

I posted this image to my pinterest the other day, and a wise aunt commented, "NO!NO!NO!" that I'd regret white grout unless I like to scrub with a toothbrush...

Did you use white grout in any of your "white" bathrooms?

Does epoxy/laticrete spectralock white grouts have the same issues that my aunt might be experiencing with her (older) white grout?

Would mushroom or another non-white, but light, grout have similar issues, or always look dirty?

I'm looking for experiences and also pictures! (I'm still in inspiration phase...need to pick something out by Nov.)


(here was the inspiration pic. I am liking MOP atm, so any thoughts on that would be great too (it'd be an accent with probably subways or a beigey field tile).

Source: via Dayna on Pinterest

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That's beautiful tile! Is the MOP on the floor? I wouldn't use white grout on the floor. Even a light gray would be better at hiding stains.

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Thanks Pip! I really just started looking at it. It is gorgeous, and feminine, which would work for my "hall bath" which will be for my 2 girls... It is spendy though, I'd only be able to do it for accent, and only the "cheaper" 1mm veneered on ceramic; so I don't know if it will really be feasible. But, it really is pretty.

I wouldn't use it on the floor. Just near the vanity (backsplash) and then as accent for tub/shower surround.

btw--saw your post of your bathroom (with marble) in another post. Beautiful! What is your grout choice there? I really like it (sometimes, I like marble, sometimes, I don't. I think it has a lot to do with lighting and grout choice).

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We don't have white grout on any of our floors but the tub and shower surrounds in our house have white tile, and white grout. The two most used bathrooms, the MB and hall bathroom (both reno'd 2 yrs ago) have TEC XT Bright White grout. They look as white now as they did when installed. We do wipe down the walls (and tubs) with a paper towel after showering, and I clean the bathrooms pretty much every week (sometimes 1 1/2-2 weeks, but that's not the norm).

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thanks, kirkhall. If you are just using the MOP as an accent and not on the floor, I think it's probably ok to use a white grout.

The grout we chose for the master bath was a very light gray from C-Cure called Winter Frost. When wet, it looks darker. It was a good compromise between white and something more stain resistant.

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