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gogwmosMay 15, 2012

I have had an awful time lately with trying to go to pages, often it says "404 not found" and below that "nginx/0.6.32". If I close the page and reopen it sometimes it fixes it but not all the time.

How can I fix this?

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Run Firefox in the Firefox safe mode and see if that stops the error.

To try this, click Help in the Firefox browser look down the list and choose Restart Firefox with add - ons Disabled then try visiting the web sites again. This will tell us if an add on is causing issue and we can go from there.

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"Nginx is a mail server/proxy/web streamlining service. I suspect that you have too many popup blockers and anti-phishing apps running. Turn them all off, and see if your problem goes away."

"That error means that one of the backend services nginx is forwarding requests to wasn't working properly - the most common configuration is to use nginx as the frontend server, and hand off any cgi work (e.g. PHP) to another socket or port, which may or may not be on the same machine. If the service isn't available, nginx will moan bitterly about it."

Those answers were found in less than 60 seconds using Google...a wonderful resource.

The short answer is...you probably can't fix it. The server causing those errors needs to be fixed. Enjoy.

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Thanks for the help, Zep, I really appreciate your answer and it seems to have worked.

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Ok. But we need to disable 1 add on at a time or extension in Firefox to determine exactly what one in causing the issue. You know how to do that?


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Joe, sorry I never got back to you, but it started up again.

I don't know how to disable add ons, please walk me through it like a child, I am not well versed in computer language.

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It's simple, you'll need to open the add-ons Manger Window in Firefox browser.

In the Firefox Browser click on Tools once that opens the little window, click on add-ons. On the left when the add-ons manager window opens, click on Extensions now you should see all the extensions associated / listed with Firefox. The option to disable is over to the right. You can disable 1 extension at a time. You may need to do this with plug-ins too, again disabling 1 at a time until you find the one that is causing an issue. Can be a time consuming process.

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