Help! DW drained water all over floor

peaches12345August 7, 2012

Any DW techies out there? Last night I turned on my DW, heard it fill and shortly after there was a loud bang. I ran over to investigate, all the cycle lights on the door were off, DW was off and all the water was on my floor.

Top of the line, KA, 14 months old. Has been working perfectly since day one and I love it. I've called the man to come out Thursday, but was wondering what I should be prepared for.

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I have a freind with the same history. Damaged the flooring and the ceiling below. After the second time he went with a different brand. I can recommend Miele.

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the drain hose popped off my friend's. Ruined the wood floor.

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Fori is not pleased

I think you might want to consider pulling the DW out before the repairman arrives and get any water mopped up.

It could be as simple as the drain hose falling off.

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Technician just left- it was the Sump pump. I learned a lesson about not renewing a Warranty (will never let a warranty lapse again), but the tech called KA and they are picking up the cost of the part since this is a very unusual occurence in an almost brand new DW.

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RE: not renewing warranty.
Having a warranty does not necessarily (or perhaps ever) get you faster service. You might also consider how many other appliances you have that have not needed service and compare the total cost of those warranties against the cost of this (plus any other) repair.

It is very nice to hear that ka picked up the pump cost.

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