freestanding tub?

razamatazzySeptember 28, 2013

I am remodeling my master bath. Its footprint is small 8 x 13 approx.
I am trying to decide if I have space for a freestanding tub, or should go with a drop-in tub in a tub deck.
Currently it is a drop-in tub with a deck.The current tub is 66L x 34w. It sits in an alcove that is 94L x 36W. It is 23 high.

The door I have planned is a 30" pocket door.
The vanity is 60" with single sink.
The cabinet opposite the vanity is a armoire type cabinet (or just a tall custom cabinet) for storage.

The shower will be frameless glass, 48 x 30 interior size.

The vanity currently butts into the tub surround. I want to keep the vanity the same size (60") so I don't know if there is enough room for a freestanding tub. There will only be inches between the tub and vanity.

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enlarging pic

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Couple thoughts:

1) The tub seems like a natural in the location. Codes that I've seen require tempered glass for windows at a tub area for safety.
2) Is the entry at the tub, doorway, and armoire enough room to allow recommended access per code. It is sort of a hall way as you enter the room.
3) I think the vanity next to the tub looks awkward. Can you have a smaller vanity, or a smaller shower so you can move the vanity down. If you have the Armoire do you need the 60" vanity?
4) Small detail, but you have your TP holder oriented to the back of the armoire. It is easier to use when in front of the toilet and could go on the wall instead, so that it is convenient. I have a tough time reaching behind me to fetch the TP; shoulders bother me sometimes.

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thanks for the feedback enduring.
The layout I sketched is the current layout, only difference is the freestanding tub. Its not the layout I prefer, but I need to keep it. If you look on houzz there are many examples of the tub butting up to the vanity. I want to keep the 60" vanity, I need the counterspace. And I don't want to reduce the shower footprint. I do need the armoire storage too, we have a closet there now, and use every bit of it. I am just not sure with a couple inches of space between a freestanding tub and vanity will be akward.

houzz examples


My layout

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As I look at your 3D version, what about a drop in that can integrate the vanity better, such as a continous flow from vanity top to elevated counter/book/towel storage space at the faucet end of the tub. Can you put in an 18" depth vanity?

Oh, got to go, my thinset is done slaking and I got tile to install :)

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i could do something like this

bath ledge
or this
ledge with freestanding tub

or build out a wall like this

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Your bathroom is about the same size as ours which we have just started to remodel. Out layouts are similar. We are going with a drop in tub and deck. At one end of the tub we will use the remaining 2 feet for a linen cabinet...very much like the third link you posted above. Our vanity is in the same spot as yours. We will have the toilet and shower in the opposite positions you have. It has taken a lot of tweaking to get enough clearance around each fixture. Of all your options I like the one with the wall best. Good luck!

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hi lotteryticket, did you ever consider a freestanding tub? Seems like that is the trend now.
I am still up in the air. I could do the 'wall' version with a freestanding tub instead.

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Hi Raz,
I couldn't find a free standing tub that i liked that fit in our budget and I found an air tub that fits perfectly. Be sure and sit in a few before you decide. I was sure which one I wanted right up until I climbed in. There was not enough of a recline to relax and the sides were so tall I felt as if I was being buried alive.

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Be sure and consider how to clean behind a freestanding tub. In your plan, it would be really difficult to clean around the tub, especially since there isn't any room between it and the vanity. If you must keep the vanity that large (I'd switch to a 48" just to make the bathroom breathe better.) then you really should do either an undermount or topmount tub with a deck. You can at least stand in the tub to clean the walls and wipe the deck.

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I think it is tight for a freestanding tub, although they do come in different sizes, so if you are going with a smaller one, that might change my mind. As LWO stated, cleaning back there might be a bear, especially if the tub is centered on the wall as drawn. Also most of your inspiration pictures have a tub with a deck - I think that is telling you something - either you really like that look/functionality, or there just aren't many examples of what you are thinking of doing. You commented that the freestanding was the trend now, even so, I wouldn't trade functionality to follow a trend.

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i thought a freestanding tub may make the room look larger, more airy.
Here is a example of how it may measure out. (My ceilings are only 8 ft and I only have a window on the long side of the room.

I agree many of these freestanding tubs look very uncomfortable.

although I like this look I probably am leaning towards the version with the built out wall with tub deck.
wall version (but I would do a standard 24" deep vanity, this looks narrower)

I could do something like this for towel storage

Any thoughts, wondering if this may look too crowded.

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I believe typical vanities are 21" deep. And be aware of distances between objects. The picture you have with the rustic vanity and free standing tub looks like a bear to clean at the floor and tub side that is against that wall as L-W-O and jrueter have mentioned. Lots of good feedback.

If your window is centered on the wall, like you have drawn initially, you probably wont be able to center the tub with the deck style of tub with the shelving unit integrated, but you will get some great shelf space. Unless you put 12" at each end of the tub, then you could center, I guess. But the vanity would curve into the deck as it transitioned from vanity width to 12". If you put all the storage at the vanity end then it could flow straight from vanity to wall unit, but tub not centered.

Or, you could put 16-18" unit at vanity end and a 6-8" shallow shelving at the other tub end.

I agree with L-W-O about a 48" wide vanity. Or as I mentioned before what about an 18" deep vanity?

I like all your posted inspiration pictures. You will get this worked out :)

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I had a very long vanity(probably 60 in) and single sink - I really started disliking the length because I dont like to keep thing out on the surface and it was just more surface to clean.

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In our 8'x13' bathroom we are doing something similar to this for towel storage. We are building a vanity (60" x 21") that has 6 drawers for additional storage. Maybe this would enable you to take out the armoire. I think that would really help open up the layout.

The room is a challenging size but with some tweaks I bet you can get most of your "wants" and "needs" in there.

Traditional Bathroom

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